Disturbance in The Force: Trump Retweets Britain First Videos

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There was a ‘disturbance in the Force’ on November 29 when the President retweeted videos from Britain First member Jayda Fransen. To be clear: they were anti-radical Muslim videos. The news media totally missed the point of the videos. They were so busy bashing the President, they didn’t bother to understand what the videos were about.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May also had a fit over him doing it, calling his retweets, “abhorrent, dangerous, and a threat to our society.” He had a response to that statement and it was a great one:

Thank you, Mr. President. The ‘threat to society’ is the radical Islamic terrorism.

Let’s be brutally honest here: Britain has lost the battle. It’s against the law to say anything considered “hate speech.” Even though they have been the victim of numerous attacks by terrorists, they still can’t find a way to stop it because of rampant, out of control political correctness. Their entire policy has given rise to the Britain First movement – it’s their own darned fault. Trump just retweeted what he saw, he didn’t play the political correct game.

British members of Parliament demanded that Twitter take down the President’s account if he won’t do it himself (who do they think they are- that was arrogant of them). Twitter said they won’t moderate his account because it’s “newsworthy.”

The Independent reported,

British MPs say that Donald Trump should delete his Twitter account. If he won’t get rid of his profile, then Twitter should do it for him, various politicians said in Parliament.

The calls came after the President retweeted posts from Britain First, the far-right extremist group. The decision to share the posts was criticised by Theresa May – and Mr Trump then attacked the prime minister for that move.

Trump did not “attack” Theresa May. He responded to her in a very civilized manner. This hysteria on the part of news media against the President needs to stop.

These are the videos he retweeted:

We finally have a President who refuses the standard narrative. You can see the headlines below, all focused on the President. And there was the Washington Post whose headline read,  Trump retweets inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim videos.  Inflammatory. Unverified. Thousands of videos surface all around the world regarding this issue. When you’re the leader of the free world, you have to take them into account in order to protect your citizens.

Thus far, all this falderal hasn’t stopped the President from doing what he wants- and we hope it never does. The liberals want to control him, and he’s not letting them.


Featured photo: screenshot from Theresa May’s visit to the White House earlier in the year.

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