Disneyland Paris Man Arrested with Guns and Qu’ran

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Disneyland Paris Man Arrested with Guns and Qu’ran

A 28 year old Muslim was arrested after a routine X-ray check at a Paris Disneyland hotel showed he had two handguns, ammo, and a Qu’ran in his suitcase.

USA Today reported,

A female companion reportedly fled from the Hotel New York after security guards stopped the pair. A woman thought to be the companion was arrested later by police in the Paris region, but was released after officials determined she was not connected to the suspect, according to Europe1, quoting police officials.

The suspect is a French citizen born in Lagny who lives in Paris, according to LCI. According to investigators, the man was not known to the French security forces previously, RTL reports.

Hotel security initially detained the man when he came to sign in for a room reserved for two people near the popular theme park and his suitcase was X-rayed, according to France Info and Reuters. The reports said he offered no resistance…

Two magazines and 20 cartridges were also found in the suitcase, according to LCI

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Disneyland Paris – did French police thwart an attack?

Ammo, Guns, Qu’ran

A 7.65 cartridge box, along with two small caliber handguns were confiscated by French police. A small Qu’ran was also found in his luggage. Reports seem to conflict on whether the handguns were automatics or semi-automatic. The man claimed he was in fear for his life and that’s why he had the guns.

Police surrounded the hotel Thursday evening, and one car was towed from the parking lot, according to SOFREP. France is still under high alert after the November attacks.

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