Dimitri Mikroulis – The Genius Behind ACSS Reticles

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If you’re a precision shooter- hunting, competitive, or military, accuracy is everything. Dimitri Mikroulis has created a reticle that is far and away above the rest: the ACSS (Advanced Combat Sighting System).

How did he get here?

As a kid, he had a pellet gun. Uh,oh that spells trouble. One day he shot a bird with it. He usually just shot at “whatever.” His grandmother grabbed him by the ear, dragged him off, picked up the bird and cooked it.

“It really wasn’t too bad.”  

Dimitri eventually started up in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). “I spent 20 years hurting my body,” he told us.  But then…he transitioned into shooting. And this is where he shines.

He doesn’t think he’s a genius, but when one person can see things that others don’t…that’s pretty smart. About 10 years ago, Dimitri began an operational study to “Find out what was out there.” He believed he could increase the hit ratio by designing a reticle that helped the shooter with both distance and wind.

“I gathered info on ballistics, reloading, ranging formulas, what parameters and  attributes are needed by our soldiers to improve lethality.”

Being “cream of the crop” has also caused people to rip off his designs in some manner. Add to that, bureaucracy has been one of his biggest problems in dealing with the military. He says he’s spent a lot of time chasing people down to get them to listen to him. But as you will see from the videos below, his ability and knowledge of the influences on shooting is sharper than your average math-challenged citizen.

Any branch can access his designs free – they are open source. About 5,000 to 6,000 scopes go out per month.

ACSS Reticle Advanced Combat Sighting System

Reticle means a series of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of an optical device (such as a rifle scope) used as a measuring scale or an aid in locating objects. For a shooter, wind speed and distance are important factors. Dimitri’s reticle, the ACSS takes care of both of those situations at once.

Gen 2- the ACSS Aurora

Built in range finders for center mass, full height and half size.

BDC in 50m increments out to 800m

5-10 mph wind holds

Built in leads

The ACSS AURORA was specifically designed for military use. Dimitri is the patent holder of all the ACSS and other reticles. 

The following videos are both informational  and include a testimonial. The first two are about the Gen 1 ACSS and the last one references the Gen 2 ACSS Aurora.

The Gen 2 ACSS Aurora

Featured photos: Provided by Dimitri Mikroulis

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  • Dave Bishop

    How can the ACSS be adapted to other calibers without doing match? Specifically 280 Ackley Improved

  • Dimitri Mikroulis

    Dave it’s caliber specific 5.56 /308/ 6.5cm/30-06 /22LR but there is universal version called ACSS Griffin mil

    • Dimitri Mikroulis

      Dave it’s caliber specific 5.56 /308/ 6.5cm/30-06 /22LR but there is universal version called ACSS Griffin mil

    • Jason

      Any idea when the ACOG ta31 will be available for purchase?

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