Did Assad Gas Syrian Civilians? Time to Ask Real Questions

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Syrian President Assad is taking the heat for a Sarin gas attack on civilians at Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province on April 4. Here’s a reminder that in 2013, a similar gas attack was allegedly carried out by rebel forces, not the Syrian government. The US says the airstrike had all the hallmarks of an Assad attack.  But there are questions.

Ready to go to war- 2013

If you will remember, Obama told the American people that Assad was behind the gas attack in August of 2013. His plan was to launch military intervention in Syria to “stop Assad from killing his own people.” Only… foreign intelligence reports stated that Assad was not involved in the situation. And Obama took the side of some nasty jihadists who wanted Assad gone.

The Guardian wrote back then:

President Bashar al-Assad did not personally order last month’s chemical weapons attack near Damascus that has triggered calls for US military intervention, and blocked numerous requests from his military commanders to use chemical weapons against regime opponents in recent months, a German newspaper has reported , citing unidentified, high-level national security sources.

The intelligence findings were based on phone calls intercepted by a German surveillance ship operated by the BND, the German intelligence service, and deployed off the Syrian coast, Bild am Sonntag said. The intercepted communications suggested Assad, who is accused of war crimes by the west, including foreign secretary William Hague, was not himself involved in last month’s attack or in other instances when government forces have allegedly used chemical weapons.

Congressional members had a fit over the President’s plan. But Obama instead sent Marines in to train the Jabhat al-Nusra Front members along with other rebel groups such as the “Free Syrian Army.” Jabhat al-Nusra is the arm of Al-Qaeda in Syria. That’s right, US Marines were attempting to train Al-Qaeda. It was a failed program that resulted in a loss of $500 million.

The goal of the Al-Nusra Front, as well as the other factions, is to establish Sharia law in Syria and to oust Assad.

Russia then brokered a deal in which Syria would destroy its chemical weapons stash, and it would be verified by the OPCW. That process was allegedly completed in January of 2017. But since January 1, there have been numerous chemical attacks.

Who launched the airstrike?

In 2014, ISIS took control of Saddam Hussein’s old chemical weapons factory. Media reports downplayed that situation by calling it unimportant, and that there was nothing there. ISIS also reportedly acquired a handful of old Soviet-era MIGs in 2014. They have reportedly launched canisters of chemical weapons at US forces since then in Iraq, but the attacks have proven ineffective.

In 2013, Syrian rebels claimed that they captured the Al Jarrah military Airfield in Northern Syria, and with it several warplanes. It is one of the seeds from which the Aleppo airstrikes transpired in 2016 and 2017, as Assad’s forces wrested the city back from the rebels at great humanitarian cost.

It is worth noting that many of the religious minorities in Syria prefer Assad to the rebel jihadists.

syrian civilians

Assad believes he is the “protector” of Syrian minorities. Photo of his visit to a Christian orphanage at Christmas via futurefastforward.com


The latest attack was carried out by airstrikes while people slept, according to witnesses. They told stories of chemical weapons raining from the sky.

It is unlikely, but not impossible, that the rebels or ISIS have access to the technology required for precision airstrikes. The US Coalition and Russia/Syria do have it.


What is the agenda? If the agenda is to remove Assad from power, it may send Syria into even further chaos, just as Hillary’s hatred of Gaddafi sent Libya into anarchy after he was ousted. Remember, the Al-Nusra front is part of Al-Qaeda. The various factions in that civil war hate each other…would they work together for peace? Not when their avowed purpose is to establish Sharia law.


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