Dianne Feinstein’s Secret Plan

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Did California Senator Dianne Feinstein have a secret plan? It appears so. Feinstein has been widely condemned for delaying the release of Christine Blasey Ford’s letter alleging sexual assault charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The most commonly held belief is that she waited until the eleventh hour to go public as a means of disrupting and delaying confirmation hearings.

But there may have been another reason. Consider that even before Ford appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27th, she was represented by high profile attorneys, Michael Bromwich, Debra Katz and Lisa Banks (Katz and Banks are partners in the law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks). How did a previously little-known private citizen, living in California come to have three prominent Washington, DC-area attorneys represent her?

In fact, that’s not much of a mystery. During a statement made during the hearing, Senator Lindsey Graham asked Kavanaugh if he was aware that when he spoke to Feinstein on August 20th, her staff had already recommended an attorney to Ford. Graham also stated that by August 20th, Feinstein had been in possession of Ford’s letter for over 20 days.

If you want to give Feinstein the benefit of the doubt, she may in fact have been delaying release of Ford’s letter as a means of making an 11th hour blitz to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Or, as she has stated, the delay may have been to ‘protect’ Ford’s identity, as she never intended to release the letter publicly, and did so only after its content were leaked to the press. But that doesn’t wash, because long before the letter was leaked, Feinstein had already taken steps to find legal representation for Ford.

The plot to blow up the hearings

The more likely scenario is that Feinstein recognized that Ford’s incendiary letter was precisely the Improvised Explosive Device she needed to blow up the hearings. But to use it effectively, she needed time. Time to contact potential attorneys. Time to determine their willingness to represent Ford. Time for attorneys and client to discuss plans. Time for attorneys to rehearse Ford’s testimony and craft a script.

There’s nothing nefarious about any of that. Attorney-client discussion and attorney-directed rehearsal are standard procedure before a client testifies. However, in Ford’s case, the participants would have been in an impossible time crunch without some delaying tactics. and their recruitment leaves no doubt as to the fact that Democrats were in a full court press to paint Kavanaugh as being unfit for an appointment to the Supreme Court.

Apparently, more prep time was needed than originally anticipated, and delaying release of Ford’s letter didn’t provide that. Hence the Ford will testify, Ford won’t testify oscillation and the fear of flying fabrication. The fact that Ford was allegedly never told by her attorneys that interviews could be held in California is additional evidence that Feinstein and cohorts wanted ample time to prepare Ford prior to her testifying.

Ford’s attorneys have stated that they are not being paid, yet having been recruited by Feinstein, a ranking Democrat, they are almost guaranteed some form of future payment.  Feinstein now owes them. It most certainly won’t be a direct cash payment, but Katz, Banks and Bromwich now hold a marker of significant debt. Any doubt that they will have little trouble collecting?


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  • Rick Schnirring

    Hey Dave – did anyone ever find out what Sheila (Mars Flag) Jackson Lee gave to Fords team?

    • Dave Emanuel

      I haven’t heard anything definite. Most people think it was some form of payment, but that’s just speculation based on the character of the people involved.The common

  • Denise M

    What I find incredibly disturbing is that these lawyers would even CONSIDER taking a case of “assault” that is 35 years old, where the “victim” CAN’T REMEMBER where it happened, when it happened, OR who else was at the party! She states she was somewhere else & was invited to the party, but it WASN’T Kavanaugh who invited her, so who invited her? Why can’t she remember that? It was before the party, & supposedly she WASN’T drinking! She should be able to remember THAT, but she DOESN’T! So HOW is it that she CAN’T remember anything thing else, but clearly remembers him? And at first she said she was “touched”, now it has progressed to he practically raped her!? I even read one article that said during one interview, she said she called her friend on her cell phone (in 1982) afterwards & told her what happened! News flash! Cell phones had not been invented yet!! I don’t know HOW ANY lawyer would take a case like this unless there were ulterior motives & a LOT of under the table money behind it! They also seem to be pushing for jail time!
    She also said they were all falling down drunk.. Well, sorry, but that means they were about to pass out! When a person gets to that point, the body starts to shut down, you have NO strength to assault or rape ANYONE! The next thing is puking & passing out….
    I really do wish there would be an investigation of EVERY democrat involved in this accusation! Hell, they should do this kind of extensive investigation of EVERY democratic politician in DC!
    I think another reason she didn’t drop her bombshell sooner was because she wanted more time to dig into the University’s records & see who was attending at the same time as Kavanaugh, call them up & see if they were loyal dems, & then ask them if they were “assaulted or raped by Kavanaugh”…. And yes I’m insinuating that they interjected they were looking for people who HATED that Trump & the Republicans won the presidency & would do ANYTHING to PREVENT his success!
    What she & the rest of the democrats did is revolting!!! They USED Ford & her “story”, which is so full of holes it’s more like a colander! They were NOT trying to help a woman who was assaulted, they were trying to help their own agenda!! They essentially put her on display to forward their agenda! They have absolutely NO regard for her if she really was assaulted! If she WASN’T, which is what I believe (too many holes & changes in her story) she & they just made it 200% more likely that women won’t come forward when they really are raped or assaulted, made it more likely they won’t be believed, &/or made it where more women will be lying & accusing men of rape & assault, just to ruin their lives!

    • Dave Emanuel

      There is much to be disturbed about regarding the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination, but the actions of the Democrats all seem to come from the same playbook. The overarching theme seems to be, “We want what we want and don’t care what we have to do to get t”. I think it’s ironic that Harry Reid changed senate rules so he could get what he wanted and now his tactic is largely responsible for Democrats NOT getting what they want.

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