DHS and the UN calling for Gun Control in the wake of Orlando

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DHS and the UN calling for Gun Control in the wake of Orlando

Jeh Johnson told  CBS Morning on Tuesday that “gun control is now part and parcel of Homeland Security.” The UN is urging the United States to enact “robust gun control.” We knew this was coming. Liberals are quick to take advantage of any and all tragedies to promote their agenda to disarm Americans.

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Jeh Johnson, left Zeid al-Hussein, right

Gun control now a focus of the DHS

Jeh Johnson told CNN’s “New Day” that “Given the tragic events in Orlando … the American public and the Congress have to face the fact that we need to address meaningful, responsible gun control to make it more difficult for a terrorist to get his hands on a gun.”

He also suggested that anyone on a watch list should not be able to buy a gun.

And that helps us, how?

Omar Mateen was not on a “watch list.” He was a CONTRACTOR FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.  

He passed all the so-called “background checks” and was a licensed contractor for the DHS. The FBI questioned him, but they did NOTHING.

So the real question we should be asking is, what part of the system needs fixing? The system that placates Muslims and allows terrorists to work for the government is far more dangerous than any gun.

The UN wants ‘robust gun control’

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is a Jordanian Muslim in charge of the UN Commission on Human Rights. He has pushed for criminalization of any speech against Muslims- in short, a “Global Blasphemy Law.” But he doesn’t just advocate a shut down of free speech, he advocates “robust gun control.”

He stated,

“Examples from many countries clearly show that a legal framework to control the acquisition and use of firearms has led to a dramatic reduction in violent crime.

 In the United States, however, there are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation, and every year thousands of people are killed or injured by them… [it is]reprehensible – indeed dangerous – that this terrible event is already being utilized to promote homophobic and Islamophobic sentiments.”

His own religion is “homophobic” because it calls for the death of gays. So perhaps his hypocritical stand should be examined more closely.

Does rigid gun control work for Europe? No. They are more vulnerable

The Obama administration has tried to do this before – in the wake of every mass shooting there are calls for more and more gun control. But how has that worked for Europe? France has extremely rigid gun control – it hasn’t stopped one terror attack, but it has turned people into targets that cannot fight back.

Our 2nd Amendment is unique among nations. Let’s keep it. And let’s get rid of “gun free zones” forever. Terrorists go for soft targets, people who can’t fight back. Let’s fix that problem.





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