More Devastation for California- Now Mudslides

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After a huge group of wildfires roared through California a few short weeks ago, now mudslides have destroyed hundreds of homes, and killed 17 people at a range of over 30 square miles. With no trees and vegetation to hold the land during heavy rains, the mud won.

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Authorities are using search and rescue dogs to find people missing in the mud and debris. Around 8 people are still confirmed missing, according to NBC San Diego (an original report of 48 missing was a “clerical error” according to officials). About 500 searchers were slogging through the mud to find and rescue survivors. The death toll may rise as searchers find more bodies buried under the mud.

“We’ve gotten multiple reports of rescuers falling through manholes that were covered with mud, swimming pools that were covered up with mud. The mud is acting like a candy shell on ice cream. It’s crusty on top but soft underneath, so we’re having to be very careful.” Anthony Buzzerio, a Los Angeles County fire battalion chief.

Reported indicate that only about 10-15% of residents evacuated when told to do so. Some of them died when the wall of mud took out their homes.

This is a Coast Guard video of the rescue of a woman and her infant child:

On Tuesday the Coast Guard rescued a family of five plus their two dogs after the mudslide trapped them, according to Stripes. Rescue teams also had to focus on Romero Canyon, where 300 people were trapped with no way in or out.

One of the hardest hit areas was Montecito, a wealthy district of about 9,000 people near Los Angeles. Mudslides tore through the area, devastating expensive homes, leaving a deep carpet of mud and debris in its wake. Rescuers say they always hold out hope to find one more living person.



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