Detroit Teachers “Sick-outs” Close Down 94 Schools

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Detroit Teachers “Sick-outs” Close Down 94 Schools

The Detroit Federation of Teachers staged a sick-out that closed 94 of 97 schools on Monday.Why? Because at the end of June, the school districts will run out of money.

“The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.” Barack Obama January 2016

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Twitter photo of the sick out – via @RT_America

Well, maybe not in Detroit, Mr. President.

CNN reported,

Detroit’s public schools have been in crisis for months. The school district has about $515 million in operating debt, the governor’s office has said, and is spending about $1,100 per student on debt service annually. Michigan state Sen. Goeff Hansen has introduced legislation to help bail out Detroit’s schools, his spokesman Peter Wills said Monday. That bill passed the Senate and is now before the House, Wills said.

Monday also is not the first time Detroit public school teachers have protested by calling in sick en masse. In January, teachers staged a sickout to protest dilapidated and dangerously unsanitary conditions — including rat and roach infestations, black mold and pieces of ceiling falling — forcing the closure of dozens of schools. Teachers also threatened in March to hold another sickout.

Democrats, Unions, and failure

Yet we are assured that the economy is doing well. Detroit has been run by Democrats since 1962. It became a tapestry of corruption, as unions were literally focused on keeping the money rolling rather than common sense moves to save the city. Nothing has changed.

According to CBS Detroit, by 2011, almost half the city was illiterate and could not read because the city’s social programs carried the people. Back in 2009, only 172 of 272 school buildings held classes because they couldn’t afford to keep the rest running. The Detroit Public Schools have 46,000 students.

The handout method of always bailing out a failing system has led to major failure, but the Democrat controlled government of Detroit cannot see it.

Liberalism, socialism are always failures. They feed off dependence and lack of personal responsibility. Poor leadership is quite evident in Detroit, Michigan. But, by all means, keep up the bailing.



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