Desperate Dems – “Witness” Lev Parnas Ejected From Senate

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Lev Parnas arrived at the Senate this morning, telling Senators to “Call me.” He along with a host of other backstabbers see a way to get publicity and look like the good guys for political gain. But for Parnas, he has to wear an ankle monitor imposed by the court, and electronics are not allowed in the hearing room. So he was removed.

Senator Chuck Schumer tried to  get himself out of the limelight by saying that he gave tickets to Lev Parnas like everyone else, which is true, anyone can ask a legislator for tickets to the Senate gallery. It’s just interesting, especially if Schumer had an ulterior motive.

“His lawyer called us up and asked for tickets, like many New York constituents, and we said you can get tickets — we give them out to New Yorkers who’ve asked. I’m not sure if Parnas would be allowed in because of the electronics around his ankle.” Chuck Schumer

Lev Parnas is under federal indictment for campaign finance fraud. Parnas was an associate of Rudy Giuliani, and President Trump once called him a “groupie” as he tried to buy his way into the inner circle of Trump associates.  But Parnas suddenly changed his mind and now wants to testify against the President.

According to Townhall, Senator Schumer took notice of his change of heart and issued the invitation for him to come to the Senate. So they’re so desperate that they want a man under felony charges to testify to push their impeachment narrative? The best of jailhouse stoolies, apparently. So many people with obvious bias, obvious hatred for the President that they’re lining up in hopes of watching a hanging.  Not today, jackwagons.

The threads of the above tweets were overrun with liberals who hate the President. Vicious, vile, and vocal they accused Republicans of a double standard regarding the electronics rule because someone saw a GOP legislator with a cell phone.  Many legislators sneak their phone into the chamber. That’s BOTH sides.

There is also a rule that says Senators must be quiet while the case is being presented.  Is that even possible?


The Senate is supposed to wrap up the testimony by Friday, if no witnesses are called. We’ll see what happens.

Featured photo: screenshot of Lev Parnas via The Hill


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