Deplorables Elected Trump; We don’t Care What Commentators Think

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So-called “Conservatives” have been piling on against President Trump after his summit with Kim Jong-Un, saying things like “he gave away everything and got nothing in return” (Shepard Smith) or Ben Shapiro grinching over the statement by Trump that he “trusts” Kim to do what he says he will do. Or Mark Levin hanging up on a man from Virginia who told him he disgreed with Levin’s attitude against Trump… because Levin thinks he’s smarter than the guy from Virginia. Newsflash: you can have a million college degrees and still be a dumba*s. “Deplorables,” the common folk of America, are the ones that elected the 45th President.

I (Faye) was in MENSA (look it up) for about 3 years (under a previous last name). I quit. Why? Because many of them had “tunnel vision.” They constantly touted how “smart” they were to the exclusion of others. It was ridiculous, but that’s my point – college degrees may get you a job, but it won’t give you common sense, wisdom or real life skills. You might have the IQ of Einstein, but if you can’t do anything with it besides complain, you’re just another moron. And if you spend your time bashing Donald Trump for making an Historic effort to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, you’re a fool. And frankly, we don’t give a rip about what you think, any more than we care about Kathy What’s-her-name or Rosie O’Dimwit.

Have any of these people done anything other than bump their gums? Nope. What have they done with their supposed brilliance? I mean, besides gripe and complain? Nothing. Might as well throw them in the basket with Democrats.

First, Donald Trump got something “hyuge” from Kim Jong Un – the promise of denuclearization.

So just after the summit we got this:

OMG, it was “disquieting.” You know what’s more disquieting? That people like Ben Shapiro have no optimism, nor any real knowledge of human psychology. Hope is apparently missing from his entire agenda. Now, I agree with Ben a great deal of the time, just like many of my friends. But Trump bashing is not productive.

“If the president really wants to make sure that Otto Warmbier didn’t die in vain, then I think that it is incumbent on him to be as harsh as humanly possible on the Kim regime.” Ben Shapiro

Seriously? Trump played Kim like the proverbial fiddle. Now Kim’s in a serious corner. If Kim fails to follow through after this summit, he will lose EVERYTHING. The sanctions will tighten, and the hammer will drop even worse if he tries the nuke thing again.

Trump is not a moron, and he didn’t get where he is today because of someone like Ben Shapiro. He knows a heckuva lot more about the situation than Shapiro or Shepard Smith or Mark Levin. He was elected by We The People- the ‘silent majority’ of ordinary folks like you and me. You know, the Deplorables.

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