Denver – Another Patriot Fatally Shot at Dueling Rallies

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As Patriots were leaving a rally in Denver on Saturday, a Antifa member fatally shot a conservative at point blank range. The leftists were rowdy from the get go. One patriot fatally shot now makes two. Two people are in custody at this time.


Patriot fatally shot

The “Patriot Muster” was reportedly organized by John Tiegen (Tig). The counter rally  of BLM/Antifa members was billed as a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive.” Nope, not a soup drive. But cans of soup were hurled at police officers as they attempted to keep the two sides apart. The conservatives were inside the ampitheater at  the Civic Center in Denver. The BLM/Antifa people were outside that area. Police did a good job of keeping them apart at first. As the lines of separation blurred at about 3:30 p.m. and Antifa/BLM supporters, patriots were leaving, one man was shot point blank in the courtyard.

In the following videos, an Antifa supporter shouts “Die fascist scum!” Another soon yells something about “we got us a white supremacist…right in the f***ing dome!”

No, Antifa is NOT AN IDEA. Unless you call killing people the idea.

One of the BLM/Antifa militants burned a thin blue line flag right in front of the police.

The Ian Miles Cheong at the Post Millennial wrote,

According to Denver Post, the two groups faced off in competing rallies around the Civic Center. As the rallies grew, members from the two groups confronted each other with shouts while police stood by. A left-wing protestor burned a Thin Blue Line flag in front of officers to taunt them.

One hour into the dueling protests, police were forced to deploy pepperballs at Antifa militants who became increasingly belligerent, as Antifa militants and Black Lives Matter supporters headed into the amphitheater area, where right-wing protestors were gathered. The left-wing group then attempted to tear down the barrier dividing the two groups, prompting police to deploy less-lethal weapons at the left-wing belligerents.

Featured photo: Twitter- screenshot via @stillgray at the Post Millennial

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