Denmark’s Sharia Patrols- Vandalizing the Neighborhood Bar

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Denmark’s Sharia Patrols- Vandalizing the Neighborhood Bar

Muslim Immigrants – when there’s enough of them, they get together and form “Sharia Patrols.” They wander their neighborhoods, claiming the territory and trying to shut down businesses they feel are not Sharia Compliant. In Norrebro, Denmark, that very thing has been occurring.

“Some men came into the bar and shouted that all guests had to leave. They said the area belonged to them and that Nørrebro is now subject to sharia and drinking alcohol is forbidden.” Heidi Dyrnesli

They’re also exacting ‘protection payments’ from the businesses, which by the way is legal under Sharia. It is a familiar term…jizya.

It’s only a matter of time when this will come to America, and then if the FBI thinks things are busy now, wait.  It’s considered “racketeering” here in the states and falls under the RICO federal law. Would they bother to enforce the RICO statute?

sharia patrols

Denmark Police ignoring the problem

Breitbart reported,

Businesses have been told they have to pay money to the migrant gangs in return for protection in addition to the alcohol bans, and failure to comply has led to death threats. One local speaking to Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen named as Mohammed Ahmed  said some 60,000 kroner (£6,300) had been demanded of him and his business.

Mr. Ahmed said the immigrant gangs were deliberately creating disruption so they could extract protection money. He said the gang had once kicked down the door and threatened to “flay me alive”, and that he lived in fear of the day they carried out their threats.

The paper also reported the experience of a journalist who went to investigate the allegations and had a knife pulled on him. He was told to “go to hell” by an individual in the suburb.

Migrant gangs- are they just “disaffected youth?”

According to the Daily Mail, Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg walked through the suburb of Copenhagen, and was called a “nazi” and a “fascist” by two female migrants. The two were arrested for swearing at a government official.

Though Ms. Støjberg insisted there would never be Sharia Zones set up in Denmark, the fact is that these migrant gangs are throwing rocks, firecrackers, and creating problems for local businesses. She told them to go get a job. But we all know that will be advice ignored.

Denmark’s police are taking little interest, not just because of political correctness, more than likely because they don’t want to go into those places in the first place, and secondly because the police forces are infiltrated by Muslims who – according to Sharia – cannot do anything to one of their own.

They have fluffed it off as of no consequence because it’s just a “gang of disaffected youths showing off.”

The damages from vandalism, the high cost of jizya money paid to these gangs, the attacks on non-Muslim community members…that’s not disaffected youths. That just the beginnings of jihadist nightmares. As long as governments downplay the issues, the problem will get worse.

This Sharia patrol issue has been going on since the migrant population in Europe became larger: this video is from 60 Minutes in 2015

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