Denmark – Lindholm Island for Undesirable Migrants

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Denmark meant to send a message to migrants in 2016 by passing a law allowing the country to take valuables from refugees to pay for them. They still have migrants, so the nation has decided to send the criminal ones, the “undesirable” ones that cannot be deported for one reason or another to a deserted island called Lindholm.  The island is about 50 miles south of Copenhagen. They hope to have the facility set to go by 2021.

The United Nations and Human Rights groups are in an uproar.

Up until last summer (2018) the facility on the island housed animals and was used to research infectious diseases. Cattle, pigs whatever creatures may have contracted a deadly disease were brought to the island for research. Kind of reminds us of a 1997 movie called the “Island of Dr. Moreau”….look it up, it will creep you out.

The Danish government states that it “will not be a prison” because a ferry will come every day to take the migrants to the mainland. But they must check back in at the end of the day and they will be closely monitored. They claim it is modeled after what Australia has begun to do – they are paying surrounding Pacific islands to hold asylum seekers in order to hold down the number of Muslim migrants. But they aren’t being sent to an infectious diseases research facility.

Canada’s Global News reported,

The plan, adopted Friday by the government and the Danish People’s Party that between them hold a majority in parliament, is to decontaminate the uninhabited island by late 2019 and open facilities for some 100 people in 2021.

The facilities would house migrants who have been denied asylum but cannot be deported, and those with criminal records.

Human rights activists have denounced the decision, calling it degrading and inhumane…

…In recent years, Denmark has tightened its laws for immigrants, extending from one year to three the period that family members must wait before they can join a refugee in Denmark, reducing benefits for asylum-seekers, shortening temporary residence permits and stepping up efforts to deport those whose applications are rejected.

Does anyone else get the idea that Denmark is not particularly fond of refugees or migrants?


Featured photo: the Island of Lindholm




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