Dem’s panties in a wad over Trump Remark- what about the 2000 election

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Trump made a remark last night about possibly not ‘accepting’ the rigged election results that has triggered feigned horror from the liberals. So we have to remind them: Al Gore “didn’t agree” with the results of the 2000 election either, and it went all the way to the Supreme Court. Hillary has never truly “accepted” the results. The only difference in not agreeing and not accepting is total semantics.

So let’s review for those of you who don’t remember, or don’t know about, the “hanging chads” controversy.

November 7, 2000

The election was between George W. Bush and Al Gore. When the results came in, Bush had captured the Electoral College, but not the popular vote. In Florida, the margin of victory was so close that mandatory recounts were triggered. Across the counties, even so much as a piece of paper stuck to the back of the ballot (referred to as ‘hanging chads’) created controversy.

Bush received 271 Electoral votes, Gore got 266. Bush only received 50,456,002 votes to Gore’s  50,999,897. It was only the 4th time in US history that an election was won by someone who did not get the popular vote, and it was the first time in 112 years that it happened.

On December 12, 2000, the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore issued an extremely controversial 5-4 decision that stopped the recounts and named George Bush as the winner.  Gore “accepted” the court’s decision, but he publicly stated he did not agree with it in his concession speech on December 13, 2000.

Hillary’s double standard

Hannity noted:

In 2002 Newsweek reported:

At a private fund-raiser in Los Angeles for Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan of Missouri, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd that President Bush merely had been “selected” president, not elected, Newsweek reports in the current issue.

Liberal outrage over Trump’s remark

Liberal media are twisting their panties into a knot trying to say that “it’s not the same thing” as the Trump remark. “It’s different” they all say, from the Huffington Post to the Los Angeles Times. But is it?

Just last week, Hillary appeared with Al Gore, and that election was mentioned, as Hillary nodded and clapped at the suggestion that Bush really didn’t win.

HotAir reported,

GORE: Take it from me, it was a very close election. Elections…


GORE:  Here’s my point. I don’t want you to be in a position years from now where you welcome Hillary Clinton and say ‘Actually you did win, it just wasn’t close enough to make sure that the votes were counted’ and whatever. Elections have consequences.

In THIS election where Democrats have been shown to be deliberately corrupting the process with every lie and dirty trick in the book, Trump would be well within his rights and duty as a United States citizen to question the election results if they go against him by a close enough margin that recounts and/or SCOTUS court action would be required.

The fact is, we haven’t gotten that far yet. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are voting for the death of America.





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