Dems Dropping Like Flies? Klobuchar Dropped Out of Race

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Democrat Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the Presidential race on Monday, one day before the “Super Tuesday” primaries. That leaves Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Bloomberg. As Klobuchar dropped out, she endorsed Joe Biden.

Is the Democratic Party telling them to leave so they don’t have to have Sanders as their nominee? Just asking. According to news reports, Buttigieg is also endorsing Joe Biden at a rally tonight.

Amy Klobuchar came in a dismal 6th place in Nevada and South Carolina. Her 3rd place win in New Hampshire didn’t help her at that point, even though she managed to raise a cool $12 million from it. The field is narrowing at a rapid pace. She suffered from a lack of money for most of her campaign. she was also roundly criticized for her demeanor in the debates.

“The Klobuchar campaign confirmed that the senator is flying to Dallas to join the former vice president at his rally, where she will suspend her campaign and give her endorsement on the eve of Super Tuesday.” CNN

Tomorrow is the big day for all the Democrats. There are 1,357 pledged delegates up for grabs tomorrow in 14 states, and American Samoa.

Screenshot of Super Tuesday map via Fox

Bloomberg has reportedly flooded the Super Tuesday states with advertisements and campaign workers, spending around $400 million. He is counting on his money to buy the election – that strategy didn’t work so well for Tom Steyer. Bloomberg is NOT a moderate Democrat… his nasty remarks toward women, his extreme gun control advocacy (see Virginia), and heavy regulations are examples of his real agenda. He purchases what he wants, regardless of what the citizens want.

With Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer out of the running, the field of wanna be Presidential candidates is quickly shrinking. Tomorrow will tell the tale – likely Warren will be out. Sanders is neck and neck with Biden in delegates at this point. But tomorrow will tell us the answer.  Is Bloomberg the spoiler? Will people go left or progressive?

Frankly, we don’t care. We have Trump. #Trump2020

Featured photo: Screenshot of Amy Klobuchar via KXLY news


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