Democrats Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and the Man Passed Out Behind Them.

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Conservative actor James Woods picked up on a photo shared by Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams that garnered a great deal of action on Twitter. We enjoyed the frivolity, so thought we’d share some of it with you.

[Stacey Abrams is to give the Democrat response to the SOTU on February 5th, and lost the gubernatorial election in Georgia back in November. Kamala Harris launched a presidential campaign.]

Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams were standing together laughing at something outside of the picture frame. But as normally oblivious Democrats do, they failed to notice a man passed out on a park bench that appeared in the corner of their photo. It became a nice parody for Democrats, since cropping the photo seems out of whoever’s job description. Please note that there is no information to say whether he is an opioid addict, drunk, or homeless.

This is what Mr. Woods tweeted:

The comments on the original tweets were priceless:

Twitter photo via @MemesWork

“Showcase our countries strengths”??? There is literally a dude passed out drunk or dead in the corner of this picture. You leftists can’t even clean up your own districts. Why would we trust you with the whole country?

“Are they laughing at the heroin addict passed out on that bench or just happy to have his vote?”

“They’ll give him a ride to the polls and when he finishes voting they’ll drop him back off at the bench. It’s a Democratic Party tradition.”

“Are you guys gonna address the opioid crisis — in your picture?”

“The blind endorsing the blind.”

“She lost. But really, she lost. She can’t showcase the country’s strength. This country is winning!”

“Congratulations to losing!

“On that bench, in that predicament is exactly where Democrats want us to be. Dependent on them for survival.”

“You two are a pair..belong together! Totally oblivious to what is going on around you! To be for oneself and power will NOT bring you happiness, it will crush you in the end! Stop playing the game that you care for the people of this country!”

“Strengths? Your platform has divided America, not strengthened.”

“The more you say speak the truth, my truth or his/her truth, the more skeptical I become that you are telling the truth.”

“Is that Willie Brown passed out on that bench??” [Note: Willie Brown is the man to which Kamala Harris had an affair that helped launch her career.]

“Didn’t even notice the poor man laying on the bench. Oh that’s right that peasant just blends in for those in positions of power. Us peasants and subjects don’t mean anything apparently.”

“One is wearing a several hundred dollar watch, the other a several thousand dollar ring, while a homeless man sleeps on a bench as they laugh it up. And they want to talk to the rest of us about privilege?”

Yep, once again, Democrats shot themselves in the foot.


Featured photo: Twitter via @chestychastain

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