Democrats Introduce Ammo Bill in the House HR 1705

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With the latest flurry of gun bills, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and 54 other Democrats have smelled blood in water. And like sharks, they are in a feeding frenzy to deal a death blow to gun owners: they have proposed HR 1705, “To Prevent the purchase of ammunition by prohibited persons.” They must think that there are so many bills being introduced that gun owners will just keel over and give up. No, we will not.

HR 1705 requires a NICS background check to purchase ammunition. The text of the bill has not yet been posted, nor has the summary. But as with most things in government, NICS is already buried in background checks just from the states that have passed unconstitutional laws against the 2nd amendment.

According to the bill, people who have a valid state-issued gun permit within the last 5 years would not need a background check to complete their purchase. There are currently 14 states that have no permit required for carrying a firearm or owning one. So does that mean every single legal gun owner in those states has to go through a background check every time they want a box or two of ammo?

Every one of the co-sponsors of the bill are Democrats. Senator Blumenthal is set to introduce the same bill in the Senate.

The California example:

The history of such types of legislation is messy. California passed Proposition 63 in 2016. One of the provisions prohibited most California residents from purchasing ammunition outside the state and bringing it into the state without first having it delivered to a licensed dealer. A lawsuit was filed against that provision, citing that it unduly hampered commerce – it created an untenable position for competitive shooters by impeding their ammo purchases and thereby impeding the commerce clause of the Constitution. The 9th Circuit Court let part of the lawsuit stand and dismissed other parts.

“Proposition 63 required individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a permit. The measure mandated dealers to check this permit before selling ammunition. The measure also eliminated several exemptions to the large-capacity magazines ban and increased the penalty for possessing them. Proposition 63 enacted a court process that attempts to ensure prohibited individuals do not continue to have firearms.” BallotPedia

Since the text of HR 1705 hasn’t been posted yet on the Congressional website, we don’t know fully what the Democrats have proposed. We will keep an eye on it and let you all know. In the meantime it has been referred to the House Judiciary.

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  • Michael

    We can only hope that the 12 turn coats in the Senate don’t see eye to eye with this like they did with Trumps Emergency Order. I cannot realistically believe it could happen but there are enough RINO’s to cause havoc in our lives.

  • David

    If you passed the NICS background check to own a firearm, isn’t it a waste of money, time and law enforcement resources, to require that same person to be re-investigated? Seems a bit redundant to me, but then Democrats never worried much about wasting tax dollars

  • David E Steelman

    Now I see why the dumbocrats passed the anti-lynching bill in such a hurry, knowing what they planned for future bills.

  • ed

    talk about a waste of billions of our tax dollars all for nothing. the dems are so fucking retarded its unreal. but no need to fret this will never even hit the floor of the senate mich mcC wont even allow it to be voted on in the senate this is a fact so go ahead you retarded asshole dems keep trying the more you attempt to do the better it is for the repubs and our greatest pres ever. Mr. Donald Trump.

  • steven a hosmann

    what exactly is the definition of un alianable rights. this argument is bullshit. any legislation forbiding the possesion and or use of firearms is against the US constitution. and the supreme court is charged with upholding that. thier failure to do so will not keep the American People from maintaining thier god given right to posses and bear ARMS. R

  • Wade Sutherland

    There’s gonna be a rush on reloading equipment. Get it while you can.

  • M M

    Like every other stupid law they try and pass it never really addresses the true issue. Mental health. Those law abiding citizens that they claim need to be checked out already have the Ammo. Stored away in a dry safe place. Yet some fool thinks they are buying the ammo the day before or even moments before.
    Here is what I think should be. Allow open carry. You must pass a background check and mental evaluation. If you shoot anyone other than to stop a crime or home invasion. You are sent to jail. For set amount of time and no longer able to carry or own a weapon. Besides if a criminal is going to use/have a gun. No law anywhere will stop them from getting and or making one. And even what I said may not.

  • Duane H.

    Even if it, by some stretch of the imagination, passed the Senate I’m pretty sure President Trump would veto it. Any Republican that voted for it or any of the currently proposed gun control bills will never see another term.

  • Bsassbear

    Keep reloading – you might need it.

  • philip horner

    “shall not infringe” is an alien concept for the anti-Constitutionalists.

    ?They’ll be after your books next.

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