Democrats Imploding? #DNCIsDead

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Bernie Sanders fans are throwing a solid fit over the election of Tom Perez as DNC chair. He was Hillary’s pick. Keith Ellison (the Muslim Congressman) was Sanders’ pick. Since the DNC worked overtime to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming the nominee because Hillary wanted it, the Democrats appear to be imploding as Sanders supporters once again feel marginalized and may just leave the party.

Leaving, anyone?

Perez was one of the movers and shakers that helped dump Sanders. That was not lost on Sanders supporters.

Then there was the moment when DNC Chair Donna Brazile, you know that one who was fired from CNN for cheating and giving questions to Hillary ahead of time…yeah that one, got to introduce Perez. As one internet personality put it, the “optics were s****y.”

Gotta love soap operas. Several Twitter hashtags are involved in the responses: #DNCIsDeadParty, #DemExit, #DNCChair and a few others. So grab your popcorn and pull up a couch.


And then there is the “condemning with faint praise” remark by President Trump that even the leftists called “epic.”

Featured photo: screenshot of Donna Brazile turning over the DNC chair to Tom Perez. They all look so HAPPY.  Taking over a dead party.  You just have to love drama.



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