Democrats Gun Control Mandate In Virginia

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After the elections in Virginia turned that state decidedly blue, and gave Democrats complete control of both houses, now the Democrat gun control mandate is on deck. After all, the elected officials received millions of dollars from anti-gun groups and now is the time for payback.

Gov Northam (you remember, the guy who wore blackface, apologized, then claimed it wasn’t him? And don’t forget he was the one who promoted infanticide) now has carte blanche to pass his radical leftist agenda for gun control. What’s on the table? Everything he wanted.

Back in June, we reported that Gov Northam proposed several extreme radical measures for gun control, saying that it was an “emergency.” None of them went forward. Until now. Now he has the backing of both houses of the legislature. Democrats plan to re-introduce the measures upon taking office in January.

Brad Polumbo at The Washington Examiner reported,

“That agenda includes universal background checks on firearm purchases, bans on so-called assault weapons (a meaningless term), ammunition restrictions, bans on accessories such as silencers and bump stocks. Per the Washington Post, Northam will also work to limit handgun purchases to one a month and pass “red flag” laws allowing courts to order guns confiscated from those suspected to be dangerous.”

Of course, bump stocks are already illegal, but you know, anything to make a statement.

As we’ve previously stated, none of those things will stop mass shootings, or even mass murders. But Everytown for Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action, all backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg literally dumped millions into Virginia races. It’s payback time.

What will rural Virginians do now? There used to be Second Amendment supporters in Virginia, evidenced by the fact that Northam’s radical agenda didn’t fly before. Will they rise up? Will they be able to stop the insane agenda of a man who promoted it primarily to distract people from his own racist, purely evil actions?

Democrats believe it’s a gun control mandate. We’re calling it an unconstitutional monster.

Featured photo: Gov Ralph Northam Twitter photo


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