Democrats’ Fear Machine Fails Again

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Liberal Democrats always have to have a catastrophe just around the corner to prod Americans to buy into their policies. People will starve if this policy is not enacted. They will be homeless if that policy is not enacted. We’ll all be dead in a few years if climate change policy is not enacted. Fear is the weapon of choice for the Left and they don’t hesitate for a moment to use it if it will further their cause.

It’s all about control

What is their cause? Control. They are ALWAYS seeking more and more control. The Left also includes the majority of the media whose members have sold their souls to the Democratic Party and have agreed to spread whatever propaganda the Party wants them to. Fortunately, their attempts to scare the public into supporting their radical agenda don’t always succeed.

The Climate Change scam

The latest and greatest attempt to scare the heck out of the public – so they will back proposed legislation, regulations, and higher taxes – is climate change. Climate change is the perfect scam for the Left.

First, there is no accountability. They could throw trillions of dollars at the problem and nobody would notice the difference. The seasons would continue to change and the weather would be the same unpredictable weather.

Secondly, they must have gotten tired of just trying to scare certain groups in the population, so they came up with the idea of creating something so big and so scary that it would affect everybody – NOBODY IS SAFE FROM CLIMATE CHANGE!!

President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, etc. all shout that climate change is the ‘greatest threat to our national security’ and must be addressed now, or we’re all ‘doomed.’ The subject isn’t even open for debate anymore. It’s so big and so scary that you must be crazy if you don’t buy into it. They use the exact same talking points to make their case.



The survey says…

According to a recent survey from Chapman University, however, the number one thing that drives American’s fears and anxieties are the very people who are trying to shove climate change down our throats – corrupt government officials. Fifty-eight percent of the respondents to the survey cited the government as their worst fear.

In fact, more people fear gun control, Obamacare, illness, and a nuclear attack than fear global warming. That’s a huge fail for the Hollywood elites, Washington D.C., and the news media. They have been trying so hard, for so long, to convince us that the sky is falling that they must be infuriated when they see a survey like this.

‘Fighting’ the nonexistent enemy instead of the real one

So when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton proclaim climate change as the biggest threat facing our country during the recent Democratic debate, it just shows how out of touch their views and priorities are from the American public that they pretend to serve.

More likely is the scenario that the Left uses climate change scare tactics to create an imaginary enemy they can pretend to fight so they can rationalize not fighting the real enemies of America, namely radical Islam, terrorism, and open borders.

Who knows what the next fear is they will come up with? Climate change is a pretty big one. The next great threat may have to come from outer space in the form of asteroids or aliens. It will be alright though, they will have an expensive government program ready to deal with it.

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