Democrats Downsizing Ahead of Super Tuesday

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Democrats downsizing ahead of Super Tues after two candidates, Pete Buttigieg, and Tom Steyer, pulled out of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Race. The field is narrowing quickly just before Super Tuesday on March 3.  Elizabeth Warren is reportedly struggling in her home state of Massachusetts but refuses so far to get out, saying a “contested DNC Convention” will be the final play. Then there’s Michael Bloomberg, who got a giant cold reception from church goers in Selma, Alabama on Sunday morning at an AME church.

Democrats downsizing 1 – Buttigieg departure a surprise

Buttigieg’s campaign told Fox News that he was pulling out in an attempt to unite the Democrat party prior to Super Tuesday. Voters need to focus on an alternative to Bernie Sanders, according to Fox reporter Peter Doocy. Though Buttigieg was scheduled for a rally in Dallas Sunday night, he had his plane rerouted to South Bend, Indiana instead so that he could make his announcement.

Democrats downsizing 2 – Steyer no surprise there

After a dismal showing in South Carolina, billionaire Tom Steyer also pulled the plug on his bid to be the Presidential nominee for the Democrats. He never really caught on after spending literally millions and millions on advertisements.  His ‘climate change’ mantra would have devastated the US economy and business in general.

According to news reports, he spent more than $20 million alone in South Carolina, only to fall along way back from the front runners. For the entire campaign he spent over $237.million and still couldn’t crack the 15% delegate rule, nor could he get above 2% in the standings. Maybe, just maybe it’s because he is a Trump basher who early on advocated impeachment.

Not budging  – Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas (no she’ll never live that down) says that a “contested DNC” will be her final play. Party leaders thinks she should get out now, with her poor showings in the caucuses thus far. She doesn’t appear to care about “uniting the party.”

Not budging – Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg will be on the ballot on “Super Tuesday,” so he says he is optimistic. But the reaction to him in Selma, Alabama on the 55th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” was anything but cordial. As he spoke to the Brown Chapel AME Church, about 10 of the congregants stood and turned their backs on him. The protest was peaceful, but telling. His “Stop and Frisk,” his attitudes toward minorities in recent comments, have taken a toll. (New York Post). Their pastor stated that Bloomberg showing up at all was indicative of a person who can change.

He’s still a tyrannical, sexist fool. That would be a tough change to make.

All in all, the 2020 Democrats downsizing is finally shrinking the large pool of contenders.

Will it be Joe Biden vs Bernie Sanders? If Super Tuesday gives more of the outlying contenders delegates, you can guarantee a contested convention in July. So grab the popcorn!


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