Democrats Call for Va Gov to Resign.

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VA Gov Ralph Northam is in hot water…not lukewarm, we mean boiling hot. After some news media found his racist Medical School page, they went looking in other places and found a racist nickname in his high school yearbook: Coonman. He tried to clear up the situation in a press conference on Saturday. He failed miserably.

By admitting he once put on blackface for a Michael Jackson dance contest at the press conference, he opened himself up to even more attacks. On Friday, he apologized for the photo. On Saturday at the press conference, he claimed it wasn’t him in it. Which sealed the anger in people.

“In light of his public admission and apology for his decision to appear in the photo, he has irrevocably lost the faith and trust of the people he was elected to serve. Changing his public story today now casts further doubt on his ability to regain that trust.” Virginia Black Caucus statement

According to Fox and other news outlets, the calls for him to step down have increased to a fever pitch, with even Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, former Gov Terry McAuliffe, and hosts of other Democrats, joining the demands for his demise. All of the 2020 contenders for the Presidency have called for his head, I mean resignation.

And those aren’t counting the Republicans yelling for him to step down. The whole controversy stemmed from a picture on his Medical School yearbook page from 1984 that we previously reported.  Now, with the discovery of a nickname of “Coonman” in his Virginia Military Academy yearbook from 1981, the optics are so bad that it is highly likely that he will not survive.

The nickname of Coonman has also continued the furor.

Please note, Northam spent 8 years in the US Army. He should be honored for that service. But his recent horrific statements about killing live birth babies, and the racist pictures of his past reveal someone who was not suited for public office in the first place.


Featured photo: Ralph Northam screenshot via Fox News

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