Democrats – Actions Speak Louder than Pictures on Memorial Day

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Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton posted pictures of themselves doing something like visiting a cemetery or marching in a parade for Memorial Day on their Facebook pages. Note: themselves doing something. Occupy Democrats did nothing but put up a nasty cartoon bashing President Trump for what he said yesterday. Even though the left is constantly bashing Trump for talking about his accomplishments, their hypocrisy is showing.

DNC Chair Tom Perez posted a whopping five line statement about Memorial Day. His co-chair, Keith Ellison did nothing (no surprise there), since he’s called for boycotting the NFL because they banned kneeling for the National Anthem.

Most Democrats do not sound particularly American, although some of them play the game. They say Republicans don’t care about illegals, while they don’t seem to care about the citizens. They say the tax cuts are bad and are working hard to reverse them.

Take, for example, Mad Maxine Waters. She didn’t post anything for Memorial Day, but made sure she appeared back in April at a Veteran’s event just in time for her to introduce a House Resolution 821 to acknowledge the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall replica that travels the US. She has spent the rest of her time constantly demanding Trump’s impeachment. But on Memorial Day…crickets.

A constant anti-Trump theme

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi who stands with MS-13,- you can hear her remarks that there’s a “spark of divinity” within everyone at that link. Her comments were based on the wrong view that Trump called all undocument immigrants “animals” when he actually referred only to MS-13. MS-13 are the most vicious, bloodthirsty, demonic creatures on the planet. “Animals” is too tame for them.

Mostly, the day was spent bashing everything Trump has tried to accomplish. Occupy Democrats posted this cartoon charmer, but nothing whatseover about honoring our fallen:

The constant stream of left-wing news media and others did nothing but bash the President’s Memorial Day message by saying “it was all about himself” because of a tweet he sent out that day AFTER the Memorial Day tweet:

CBS made sure you knew that Trump touted his accomplishments. And Obama’s Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey complained about it too. It seems that if President Trump tweeted that grass is green, someone would call him a racist and gripe about how he said it. From ice cream to Diet Coke, he’s always the brunt of some left wing stupidity. But yesterday, his honor of our fallen was real.

You can be the judge of his remarks during the Arlington speech:

“…every generation, from towering cities and wind-swept prairies, from privilege and from poverty. They were generals and privates, captains and corporals of every race, color and of every creed, but they were all brothers and sisters in arms. And they were all united then, as they are united now, forever, by their undying love of our great country.”…

Here is his full speech at Arlington National Cemetery:

Featured photo: official White House photo of PResident Trump placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns from Twitter

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