Democrat Party Official Threatens Trump Supporters With Knife.

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Democrat Party Official Clayton John Callahan, the Communications director for the Washington County, Oregon Democrat Party, allegedly pulled a knife on people involved in the Oregon Women for Trump convoy that rolled through Portland and Beaverton on Sunday. He was arrested, but then the arrest record mysteriously disappeared from the Washington County jail blotter. (BizPac Review)

Victoria Taft from PJ Media wrote:

“The Washington County, Oregon Democrat Party Communications Director, Clayton John Callahan, was arrested SUNDAY when he decided to do a little ‘communicating’ with the Oregon Women for Trump group. He pulled a very sharp knife and threatened the Republican women and a guy he was trying to block. No idea what led to the confrontation except that he appears to be a crazed person who is easily triggered.
This appears to be a hate crime, though one was not charged. See the arrest record below. Wow. Just wow….”

In a separate Tweet she writes: “Pulling a knife on people because you hate their political beliefs is a hate crime. When the knife-wielder is the Comms Director for @WashCoDems  as part of the @ORDems , Clayton John Callahan, it should be a cause for firing, prosecution & prison.”

The arrest record has been archived. Just click on this image to see it.

This Democrat Party official is also a corrections officer at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility – a women’s prison.  So they have an unhinged lunatic watching over female prisoners. Yummy. The arrest record “disappeared” and was archived by Google – you can click on the image and see the archive. He was arrested for “Unlawful use of a weapon.” But will they prosecute him? That’s a legit question.

The Democrats and their assorted liberal lunatics are becoming more and more violent, unhinged, and out of control. In the following video you can hear liberals scream “f*** you” at the women in the Trump convoy, as well as showing the Palestinian flag. But the main issue was Callahan making sexual gestures at the women, and he did it for so long that one of the men got out and confronted him. .


The Washington County Democrat party website posted the Patriot Prayer video below with the obligatory denial. Callahan’s actions are pure lunacy and he should not just be arrested, but should also be removed from the correctional facility. He’s obviously dangerous.


Featured photo: Twitter


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  • Crispus Attucks

    This nutcase commie is either stolen valor or an oath-breaking traitor!

  • Willie Knox

    Just like a Demorat bringing a knife to a gunfight!

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