Democrat nonsense: NH State Legislator Thinks Gun Raffle is a Personal Threat

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New Hampshire Democrat Sherry Frost thinks a gun raffle is a personal threat to her. Why? Because the name of the gun in the raffle is the “The Cherry Frost,” a .22 rifle.

The raffle was billed as a “one of a kind” – a white .22 with cherries painted on it. But, by golly Democrat Rep Sherry Frost is absolutely certain it was aimed at her. (No pun intended). Another Democrat. Rep. Timothy Horrigan, even engaged the Legislative Protection Service over it. And the FBI. And Facebook took down the poster because it “violated their community standards.” The Department of Administrative Services is investigating whether the raffle on State House grounds violated the terms of their permit. These people are all too tightly wrapped.

“Everything is not about her. There is cherry frost lipstick, cherry frost vodka, cherry frost slushies at 7/11. They are just looking to create a thing…
The new thing now is to paint guns whatever color you want. The whole thing is to dress the firearm up as a one-of-a-kind 22.” Bob Clegg, President of Pro Gun NH to the Union Leader

It’s a .22. Not exactly overwhelming firepower. And those who posted the photo of the gun and the poster could care less about Ms. Frost. They’re trying to raise money for a youth essay event on the Bill of Rights. But never fear, the Democrat narcissist says it’s all about “me me me me.”

“In the age of Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise, and the man who was just arrested a couple weeks ago with an arsenal and a hit list that included lawmakers, public officials are literally as well as figuratively targets, and I think in this environment it is not unreasonable to assume that if someone is naming a gun after me they are making a pretty clear statement about what they want.” Sherry Frost

Nobody named the gun after her. They just wanted it to be unique. She, however is not unique. According to one website,, she has the “pottiest mouth” in the NH legislature because of all her cursing. Now there’s a claim to fame to be proud of.

In 2017, she claimed that white, Christian men were terrorists, and that if they told her to calm down it made her “homicidal.” That caused an uproar, as well it should.

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  • Cary Myers

    The Lefts emotional outrage leaves little doubt about their lack of intellectual prowess.

  • Victor Burgess

    What happened to live free or die ! In NH.. y’all

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