Democrat Document Proposes US Give Asylum to the “World’s Migrants.”

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A Democrat document says the United States should give “the world’s migrants” asylum. Their platform says that the US should invite all migrants to come to this country to live and work.  The Democrat document is known as the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations. America already has a population of around 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants, and around 35 million unemployed or underemployed citizens.

Housing, Feeding, and Employing the World’s Migrants

Breitbart reported:

The proposed Democrat platform would expand asylum for migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, freeing them into the interior of the nation while they await their hearings. Gallup research from 2018 finds that nearly 160 million migrants around the world would move to the U.S. if given the opportunity — five million of which are located in Central America.

Likewise, the plan ends construction of the border wall, halts deportations for illegal aliens, ends all travel bans on national security-risk nations, China, Europe, Brazil, and Iran, ends agreements between the U.S. and Central America to reduce illegal immigration, and ends most federal detention of illegal aliens.

The plan also calls for:

  • Restarting DACA for young illegal aliens
  • Restraining DAPA for the illegal parents of DACA illegal aliens
  • Rescinding Trump’s “national emergency” at the border
  • Increasing refugee resettlement
  • Gives Obamacare to DACA illegal aliens
  • Forces Americans to subsidize welfare-dependent legal immigration
  • Expands the scandal-plagued U visa program
  • Restarts employment-based green card system

IF Gallup is correct and 160 million more of the world’s migrants rush to the United States to be let into the interior of the country while their claims are being processed, where will we put them? The Democrat document claims that wages will rise (not economically sound reasoning) and there will be more jobs. (For who?)

Now here’s the rub -The Democrat document that includes the “world’s migrants” also claims to combat the “climate crisis” with a green plan, calls for “world-class education,” “universal healthcare,” and basically unplugs everything Trump has accomplished with regard to the economy. It’s a schizophrenic  abomination – a socialist wishlist that promises to destroy your freedoms and your country.

No one could pay for the proposals in the Democrat document. America would once and for all become a 3rd world nation.

Featured photo: (file) screenshot of previous migrant caravan


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