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Democrat Cori Bush is a candidate for the House of Representatives in Missouri’s 1st District. Her opponents are Republican Anthony Rogers and Libertarian Alex Furman. She not only advocates defunding the police, but now mentions that the US should defund the Pentagon.

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The idea to “defund the Pentagon” is past ridiculous and into plain stupid, as is the “defund police” argument. These Marxist fools have no concept of the need for strength because they live in a delusional world of unicorns and butterflies…and are completely ignorant of history.

Is she “slow” as Mr. Rogers stated, or is she just plain dangerous?  The Justice Democrats has funded such people as “Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.” (Fox) All of whom are extreme radical Democrats.

Cori Bush

The narrative that all police are bad or that all police (including the Black officers) are racist is completely false. The “kinder gentler” method of police activity doesn’t cut it for criminals bent on destruction.

By the word “pressing,” does she mean intimidating? Asking for a friend.

Cori Bush is a Black Lives Matter organizer, which means her views are rooted in Marxism’s lies.  When she talks about defunding the police and now the Pentagon to push “social programs,”  there are some underlying issues.

Her platform:

She claims to want campaign finance reform and she “pledges” to refuse all corporate money. Her Republican opponent has done that resoundingly with only spending $28 on his primary campaign. The backers of Cori Bush, the Justice Democrats, have raised nearly $5 million so far this year. (Center for Responsive Politics.) They only give to Democrats, by the way. The following is from Open Secrets:

Her platform also calls for criminal justice reform, prison reform – which includes “Immediately close all private prisons. End cash-bail as the standard practice for pre-trial cases.” We’ve seen how well the cash bail removal has worked in New York State and others, where criminals are released and immediately commit more crimes.

Some of her criminal justice reform platform has already been implemented by this Republican President under the First Step Act. So she’s a little late to the festivities.  But that doesn’t matter, she is careful not to mention the words “defunding police” on it- yet when she tweeted, that’s exactly what she said.

She is for the Green New Deal, Housing for all, Medicare for all, and Education for all.  She advocates a “culture change” away from punishment and toward social programs. She believes that expanding background checks and increasing social programs will end gun violence.

None of that is true. All of that is expensive to taxpayers, and exhibits a plan for government super-control over every person, industry and business in the United States. She obviously a dynamic speaker. But personality should never be the criteria for electing a representative in government. Always look deeper, America.

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