Democrat Candidates Embrace Background Checks on the Gun Control Hunt

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Democrats have moved toward a gun control platform. According to Fox, the percentage of gun control campaign ads used to be 6%, but has moved to 64% now.  They believe that more people are now in favor of stronger gun control based on recent high profile shootings: so they’re pushing background checks as their plan. But let’s look at those for a minute:

KC killer passed NICS

Consider the case of Marlin Mack, 25. He waltzed into a gun store and purchased an AK-47 pistol, then the next day used it to kill one person and wound 3 Kansas City Police officers. He killed a graduate student at J’s Fish and Chicken Market. Nine days and an intense manhunt later, he shot two KC police officers and shortly thereafter shot another in a standoff. He was killed in the ensuing exchange of gunfire, according to  WDAF.

He was a convicted felon, and he passed the NICS background check system. So he was able to walk in and walk out with a weapon the day before the shootout. It is interesting how he knew he’d be able to do that. Or how the system failed to pick up his multiple convictions and prison terms.

Screenshot via WDAF- Marlin Mack and the gun store where he purchased the weapon

The Democrats are putting all their campaign eggs in the whole “background check” basket. And that basket is full of holes. Could it be a ploy so that they can press for gun bans? No doubt.

The NICS sysem is based on arrest data. There can be any number of reasons why an arrest doesn’t show. Paperwork snaffus are the principal  ones – there are humans involved in the process. Reporting issues are the biggest glitch, but also juvenile arrests, court action not followed through, computer problems, all sorts of things. A “background check” is totally fallible. And for mental patients it gets even messier- unless there is some sort of court action, it is likely to fall through the cracks.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Dylann Roof, who committed the 2015 Charleston church terrorist attack that left nine people dead, was able to legally purchase the weapon he used because of a failure of the FBI’s background check system, according to The Washington Post.

In the Sutherland Springs church shooting on Nov. 5, 2017, the shooter’s domestic violence court-martial conviction should have prevented him from purchasing the AR-556 semi-automatic rifle he used to murder 26 people and wound 20 others.

However, the U.S. Air Force failed to register the conviction with the FBI’s database, and Devin Kelly had been able to legally purchase a total of four guns over four years, The New York Times reported.

The ATF and NICS are investigating the failure of the system in Mack’s case, according to Blue Lives Matter. Those holes in the system can be fixed, but if more rules are added, the likelihood of more mistakes also comes into play. The Democrats have an agenda and “For The People” it is not.

As the Democrats move dramatically toward the left, and seek to cater to their radical members, there will come a reckoning  for us all if we do not stop them at the ballot box in November. They are standing on more gun control and some outright bans, abortion, and Trump impeachment.  “Background checks” are a red herring in the mix. Don’t fall for it.




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