Delusional Democrats: Impeach Trump, Never Mind the Truth

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Delusional Democrats are running amok over the Constitution, making up their own crimes as they go. Pelosi says Trump has “seriously damaged the Constitution.” (Actually, she and her cohorts have been the ones that have damaged the Constitution.) Weird Al Green says we have to impeach Trump to “address slavery” (RealClear Politics). And the House Judiciary report from Nadler (who has hated Trump for decades) says Trump must be impeached for his “motives.” Adam Schiff is just plain evil and lying his way to get his impeachment goal.

They are delusional Democrats. They’re all completely nuts, and trying to use the Constitution for their own agenda. That agenda is to hold on to their power.  They’re scared spitless that Trump will be re-elected.

So the issue we have here is that Democrats have lost their minds so far that they are using impeachment as a tool of harassment. The Constitution Center noted some questions that have not yet been answered with regard to the impeachment of a President. In EVERY previous case for impeachment, whether a President or a judge, or some other public official, the action was BIPARTISAN. This current action is certainly not.

“Is it sufficient to justify an impeachment and conviction if a government official commits acts that are “disgraceful,” contrary to the “trust and duty” of their office, or “degrading to the honor of the United States,” or can impeachment only be justified when an official has committed criminal acts? Do “high crimes” include only criminal offenses for which one could be prosecuted in a court of law, or can they include other forms of misconduct? Are some violations of the law too trivial to be considered “high crimes” that would justify an impeachment? Can private misdeeds justify an impeachment, or must the actions in question be connected to the conduct of the office that an individual holds?” Constitution Center

The White House has blocked many of the requests of the House, so they want to impeach him for those, even if the courts have allowed them to be blocked temporarily. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg blocked – at least temporarily- a House request for Trump’s financial records (Fox). But Democrats and their left-wing lawyers say it’s impeachable.

They are also trying to impeach Trump for two ordinary phone calls to the President of the Ukraine over Hunter Biden and his criminal, nefarious actions. We have a TREATY with Ukraine that allows discussions of criminal matters. Did he withhold aid to the Ukraine? Temporarily, yes. Was there a quid pro quo? No. Did Trump hold back that aid because he wanted to help his own presidential campaign? No.

The Delusional Democrats will assuredly send articles of impeachment to the Senate, although a small number of moderates are starting to balk at the idea (Washington Examiner).

Keep fighting, America, we are in a war against the twisting of truth.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi via NewsPunch


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