Delaware: Prisoners Murder Guard, Protesters Show up to Support Killers

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A prison riot on Wednesday morning at the John T. Vaughn Correctional Center by inmates with sharp weapons ended on Thursday, 20 hours after it began. They had taken 4 corrections officers and several inmates hostage. Delaware Department of Corrections Sgt Steven Floyd was murdered during the hostage situation. But immediately when the news broke of the riot, protesters from “People’s Power Assembly” showed up on the side of the inmates.

Communist involvement

“Peoples Power Assemblies organize to empower workers & oppressed people to demand jobs, education & healthcare while fighting against racism, police terror, sexism & LGBT bigotry.” People’s Power Assemblies

They appear to be a Communist group, part of the Worker’s World Party, established in 1959 by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Worker’s Party. Always remember when you hear the word “workers” in the name or message of a group, it’s likely tied to Communism.

Take note of the sign carried by the man on the left in the featured photo. It has the name and phone number of the Communist group.

Death of a DOC guard

Sgt Floyd was found unresponsive at 5:06 a.m.Thursday when Delaware State Police breached the building with a backhoe. The inmates had filled lockers with water to create a barricade over the entrance. Of the 120 inmates involved, all are considered suspects.

Blue Lives Matter reported:

The reason that the prisoners gave for the attack was that they were concerned that Donald Trump would make prison conditions worse.

 Despite the weak excuse for rioting, the People’s Power Assembly said, “We demand an independent community investigation of the prison conditions and the attack on the prisoners!”

That’s right, they are calling the riot and murder of Sergeant Floyd an attack on prisoners.

“The only way that we feel we we’re going to get the truth is not through the police press conference at 10:30 but through an independent commission composed of community members that can really investigate what’s happened here,” Sharon Black with People’s power Assembly told The News Journal. The group is demanding “full amnesty” for all of those behind bars.

In other words, the protesters came to stand on the side of the murderers and demand full amnesty for them. Let’s investigate the protesters, shall we? Who is funding them?

Who is so ignorant and foolish as to think that prison inmates should all be let back out on the streets to do whatever they did to get in there in the first place?

Sgt Steven Floyd was a 16 year veteran of the Delaware DOC. His life mattered.


Delaware Corrections Officer Steven Floyd. R.I.P.


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