Defiant #BlackLivesMatter protesters at Mall of America

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Defiant #BlackLivesMatter protesters showed up at Mall of America in spite of the Mall’s attempt to obtain an injunction against them. Judge Karen Janisch declined to issue an injunction, opening the door to the groups planned protest.

The judge did bar three of the groups’ leaders from attending the protest. But the judge declined to stop them from protesting, and ruled that the mall could keep out whom they chose, since the mall is private property.

defiant #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter photo of protests at MOA

Last year’s protest drew 3,000 people to the MOA. The mall was hoping to be able to stop them from the disruption this year.

The protest this year was related to the death of Jamar Clark. Breitbart reported,

The protests are connected to the police shooting of Jamar Clark on November 15th. Clark, 24, was shot after police responded to a domestic abuse call. When they arrived, Clark was also beating the paramedics who were trying to help his injured girlfriend. Police say he grabbed the gun of one of the arresting officers, but other witnesses claim he was handcuffed. The shooting is currently being investigated by state and federal authorities.

MOA protest

Hundreds of protesters showed up at the mall. As police dispersed them, the protesters moved to the Light Rail system and on to the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport and began to block traffic. Police confronted them there. Two persons were arrested in one of the terminals.

As protesters entered the airport itself, two of the security checkpoints were shut down, and some flights were delayed.


A protester is arrested at Terminal 2 in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport.

If the group weren’t so obnoxious, and openly called for the killing of police, perhaps they wouldn’t be greeted with court actions, and heavily armed law enforcement.  The right to protest is a coveted part of the Bill of Rights. But #BlackLivesMatter have abused the right on many occasions. 

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