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From the debate on “dreamers” to watching people drag their children through razor wire or burrow under fences, there is a crisis in our immigration system. And thanks to the mainstream media’s propaganda, there has been a shift in attitudes within some circles, particularly Hispanics away from legal immigration and often siding with illegals.

The Cuban-American community has been primarily Conservative, pro-life and most generally leaned toward Republican and legal immigration. But with media propaganda at play, those strengths may be slowly eroding. Leftist Hispanics are attacking our own Rick Ferran for his views on legal immigration.

Stats from the 2016 Presidential Election via Pew Research Center

Rick has this to say:

“I always find it ironic that the leftist American Latinos or Hispanics , some of whom are born here in the USA, attack me for my strong stand on immigration. They always like to call me a fake or traitor to my race. They like to remind me of the Cubans who come here illegally as if that would change the facts of my personal background & history. First of all, I came here legally, not every Cuban that comes to America comes on a raft.

“My family waited almost ten years to come here legally. My Grandfather is an American citizen and requested legal visas for our family. Because we applied for this visa to come to the USA, our family was treated as outcasts, discriminated against, and bullied. My father was jumped several times and my mother almost lost her life when she was seven months pregnant with my little sister.

“The process was long and meticulous. They not only requested $8000 pesos for each of us in Cuba but in the USA my Grandfather had to pay $10,000 for each of us. This is back in the 80’s – it would be $25,000 for each of us now. We went through mental and physical tests provided by the Communism regime to find anything wrong with us to make sure we couldn’t leave.

“Finally we had to be interviewed by the American embassy. I am sure it would probably have been easier to jump in a makeshift raft and take our chances with shark infested waters. We definitely wouldn’t have had to deal with the abuse our family received throughout the years, as the community knew we wanted to come to the USA and they tried everyday to cause us to make a mistake that would cost our lives or have my parents sent to prison.

“Once in the USA, my family did receive the most awesome welcome from the American government.  My parents were also given two years of benefits that included home and monthly allowances. But my Father was a very proud man and he declined all benefits. Because he declined, he had to sign a waiver that our family would not request benefits later on. My father and mother believed that all the benefits we needed were already here. We had everything we wanted: freedom.

“My father was a Doctor and my mother was an Accountant, neither of them returned to their professions. They both had to swallow their pride and work low wage jobs, but they made it. My mother has worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time. She’s the hardest working woman you will ever meet.

“I tell you the story not so you can feel sympathy for me but because it’s the story that no one wants to hear. It’s the story of millions of people worldwide who are in the process of working through legal entrance to the USA.

“This is the story that’s silenced by the media and the hundreds of thousands of illegals who are breaking the law and cutting in front of those who are doing it the right way. I also want to point out the hypocrisy of these so-called Hispanics who act as if they care for illegals, yet they themselves secure their houses at night, protect their family and aren’t giving out handouts everywhere they go.

“They are the most protective people of their own kind you could ever meet but they sit there letting an invasion of god knows what, drugs, human trafficking, diseases come to our border. Our immigration system is broken.

“The wall will be a great help, but if we do not stop incentive benefits, drivers licenses, free healthcare and college, available opportunities from companies willing to hire cheap labor, unfortunately this invasion will continue. Those waiting, trying hard to get through the legal process will lose hope and be put at the back of the line.

“We should be investing more ways to bring legal immigrants who have skills, and talents, the physical healthy capabilities to be part of our American fabric. We should invest in a project to help legal immigrants assimilate quicker to the American way of life through proper education into our American culture, language and history. So before we talk about adding more immigrants, we should be working on placing the 22 million plus already legal immigrants through a naturalized citizenship process where they need to pass certain requirements like learning the English language.

“The difference between those who support illegal immigration and those like me who support the legal process, is that I am an American first. I hold no loyalty to any country outside the USA or their people. Even if I had a family member at the border trying to cross illegally as much as it would pain me, I would support the deportation. There’s too much at stake, too much to lose and we cannot live in a country that doesn’t protect their own sovereignty. A country without a secure border isn’t a country. I am an American, I want every legal immigrant and or minority to feel the same sentiment.

“To show loyalty to our people and only our people. When we have homeless veterans, homeless citizens, when we have our children paying for their own education etc, we shouldn’t even entertain the notion of taking care of someone who has broken the law.


“Because of my strong beliefs, the left calls me a traitor to my race and also a white extremist. They are wrong. No one loves my Hispanic roots more than I do. I love my roots enough to understand that if we do not stop the invasion, our Hispanic neighborhoods will be taken over by drugs, gangs, and all the worst these shit hole countries can bring. I want to see good Hispanic-Americans succeed, thrive and be part of the American fabric, not as outsiders but as brothers and sisters of this growing melting pot we call the United States of America.


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God save our republic. 

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  • Herb Hirsch

    Tank, you are an inspiration. My grandfather came to this country from Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and did it the right way, just as you did. He would be proud to know you.
    Don’t let the idiots get under your skin. They couldn’t survive the struggle you’ve been through.

  • Jamie

    You’re a Good Man, From Strong Stock, there’s no shame in your game keep your head up. Fly your Flag!!

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