Deaths Caused By Police – The Facts

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Deaths Caused By Police – The Facts

We have been bombarded with scenes of ‘protests,’ from the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and have seen those ‘protests’ play out in the form of Riots, from Ferguson, MO to Baltimore, MD.

We have seen Law enforcement pilloried for shooting “unarmed black men,” seemingly many a day. They make it sound like the police are the villains. No one is safe. They are ‘racially profiling’ and shooting at any and all black men and especially youth. The sweet boys. Those so ‘helpful’ and ‘church going’ boys. So on and so on. Same story. These hate groups, for that’s what they are, continue to stir the racial tensions in their communities.

The facts

Let’s use some facts to dispel this mindset, at least to give you, the reader, something more than a shaky video or a news bite. Something to counter those that seek their 15 secs of fame.

First of all here are the statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for the most recent year of 2013.

Total number of Homicides: 16, 121

Deaths per 100,000 population, 5.1.

This is all Homicides. If you want to break it down further there is a PDF link in the CDC article with the data.

This data contains all deaths involving one person killing another. Regardless of the weapon used. Just Homicides.


Those roving bands of bad police

In the beginning of this article, I started dealing with Police ‘brutality.’ I use quotes for emphasis. The BLM and the left would have you believe there are roving bands of Police out there roaming around and assaulting and killing vast numbers of the black community.

An interactive website

Let’s use some more of those pesky facts to put a spotlight on what is really going on. I found a website recently that I found very enlightening. It is from the Guardian, a news organization from the United Kingdom. The U.K., by the way, has banned guns, but that is a story for another day.

What the website has done is create an interactive database for the years of 2015 and 2016. It is a work in progress. It is as up to date as the information allows. It’s a collaborative effort both from a number of journalists and the public at large.

These are only the deaths that have occurred by Law Enforcement across the U.S. and the District of Columbia. It is broken down further by State, Race, and date.


Let’s start with the year of 2015. There were 1,146 deaths caused by Law Enforcement. Breaking it down further by Race:

Blacks 306

Whites 581

Hispanics/Latinos 195

Asians 24

Native Americans 13

Other/Unknown 27

Note the number difference between blacks and whites. If you listened to BLM and the Left’s narrative, you would think that a huge number of blacks were being killed as opposed to whites. Again, those little things called facts trip up the mantra.

The states with highest ratios

The State with the highest ratio of deaths by Law Enforcement:

The District of Columbia is the winner with 7 deaths. This equates to approximately 1 person killed per 100,000 people.

The state with the lowest ratio of deaths by Law Enforcement:

RI. They experienced 1 death in 2015 – their population is 1,055,173.

The State of CA ranked number one for total deaths at 210.

District of Columbia

Here is the breakdown of DC deaths for the month of November:

November 2015, black male, 34. Police responded to a call about a suspect armed with a knife. Suspect was confronted by the police. Suspect charged the police with the knife. The officers shot the suspect.

November 2015, black male, 25. Suspect armed with a knife. The suspect allegedly stabbed a woman. When the suspect was confronted by an off-duty officer, he refused to drop the knife. Suspect was shot. Suspect later died in December from the gunshot wound.

Nov 2015, black male, 62. Police followed the suspect after he assaulted a driver and stole the car. Suspect died in a gun fight with police.

November 2015, black male, 27. Suspect was arrested by security officers, licensed by the city. Suspect died while in custody. He was being transported to jail. Investigation pending.

Out of just these four deaths in the month of November in D.C., 3 out of four were shot while coming at or threatening the Police officers. In the last case the death is questionable. Lets look at another state and another month.

Indiana facts

Here is the breakdown for IN during the month of September 2015:

September 2015, white male, 53. Victim was walking down the side of the road when he was struck and killed by a Police cruiser. The officer responsible was driving too fast for conditions and was found to be driving drunk.

September 2015, black male, 56. Suspect was shot and killed by police after waking out of his house and opening fire on the police officers. This was after a nine hour standoff. Police returned fire.

September 2015, black male, 29. Suspect was under surveillance for drug trafficking. He was alleged to have opened fire on police. He was pursued and shot after wounding an officer in the hand.

September 2015, Hispanic male, 49. Responding to a call of a man strangling his wife, police officers were met with the suspect brandishing a pipe and advancing on them. Suspect was shot and killed.

Don’t believe everything you see or read 

There are many more instances in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Far fewer than the media and protesters would have you believe. The balance of races seems, if anything to be more against whites than blacks. The statistics do vary depending on location.

In predominately black areas, you will find a greater number of blacks killed than in predominately white areas. Just look at the differences between D.C. And the state of IN.

The point is this:  what you see on social media and in the news from the MSM, is slanted for sensationalism. It would play well to the crowd if suspects were indeed the criminals they were found to be.

Are there bad cops out there? Yes. There are a lot more good decent, hard working cops out there everyday, protecting us and making sure that the bad guys are kept at bay. As we go about our daily lives, think about the cop who goes by with his lights flashing. Where is he going? What will he encounter when he gets there?

Don’t believe everything you see and read. Just because it is on the internet or on TV, doesn’t necessarily make it the truth. Even this article. Don’t just take it for granted. Look into it yourself. Find the truth. It’s out there.

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