Death Valley Rampage – Guns, Beer, Skinny Dipping, a Dead Fish and Barf

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Death Valley Rampage – Guns, Beer, Skinny Dipping, and a Dead Fish? Oh, and vomit too. Can’t forget the barf.

Three men are being sought by the feds after they decided to go on a drunken rampage through Devil’s Hole (appropriate) in Death Valley, California on April 30.  Officials are offering a $15,000 reward to catch the men.

Here is the surveillance video:

The reward was upped to $15,000 on Monday by the Center for Biodiversity.  These men didn’t just go around in a drunken rampage, shooting their guns. At least one guy  ripped off his clothes and left his boxer shorts floating in the Devil’s Hole. And THAT guy…may have killed an endangered fish.


The Devil’s Hole pupfish

Endangered species

These Hooligans may have killed a tiny fish about an inch and a half long called the “Devil’s Hole Pupfish.” It’s an endangered species. There are only about 115 of them in the hole, and if a necropsy shows they killed it in their drunken idiocy, they’re going down. Like…way down.

The LA Times reported,

According to the National Park Service, the pupfish population fluctuates between 100 and 200 in the winter and between 300 and 500 in the summer. The latest population numbers were tallied in a survey last month, park officials said.

“A necropsy is being performed on the pupfish to determine whether the vandals’ actions may have caused the death of this member of an endangered species,” park officials said in a statement.

Keep in mind these guys also left behind their own DNA- in vomit.

The men climbed the fence, shot at signs, shot the motion sensor, and tried to disable the security system. But HA! Not before the cameras took a nice picture of them. And their vehicle, a Yamaha Rhino. A couple of them look vaguely…oh never mind no profiling allowed.

Another problem: Death Valley is a National Park these days. Back in the dim and misty when people prospected for gold with their donkeys in its harsh landscape, there were probably lots of gun fights and heavy drinking. Perhaps these idiots thought this was the late 1800s.

In any event, they royally screwed up.

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