Death Toll Rises to 6 in Rancho Tehama Shooting

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Yesterday we reported on the shooting in the Rancho Tehama area of California. Today the death toll has been raised to 6 after deputies found the wife of the gunman dead inside the home. The gunman was identified as Kevin Neal. He was a “pot farmer.”

While initial reports stated that there were 3 killed including the gunman, After all of the crime scenes were checked, the total came to six. As police searched the suspect’s home, they found his wife’s body hidden under the floor. She had been shot multiple times.

KCRA reported,

Johnston also revealed that two semiautomatic rifles with “a number of” multi-round clips were seized from Neal’s property.

“These firearms are manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home,” Johnston said. “They were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They’re not registered.”

No children were killed in the shooting, but one student was taken to UC-Davis Medical center in critical condition. Six dead, 9 injured.

Neal had been arrested in February for “assault with deadly weapon not firearm or force, great bodily injury likely, battery on person, crime against elder or dependent adult, discharge firearm with gross negligence and false imprisonment with violence.” He reportedly stabbed his neighbor at that time and she obtained a restraining order against him. She is among the deceased.

According to Tehama County Sheriff’s Department, Neal targeted the school with the intent to kill students. But officials heard the sound of the shots and immediately locked down the school – an action which the Sheriff’s spokeman said saved countless lives. He shot into the school from the outside, hitting one 6 year old student when a bullet penetrated the wall.

He then became frustrated, according to authorities, and jumped into a stolen Ford F150, and drove away from the campus. On the way, he crashed the stolen truck and carjacked another car. On the way by, he shot into a truck with a woman taking her children to school. The woman suffered life-threatening injuries, and a young boy non-life-threatening injuries.

There were a total of 7 crime scenes in this incident. Kevin Neal was a drug addict, who was out on bail after stabbing his neighbor, according to his sister.

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