Death in St Louis – BLM Supporter Killed After Breaking into Cop’s Home

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Death in St Louis – BLM Supporter Killed after Breaking into Cop’s Home

St. Louis, Missouri –In an article from the New York Times, a man was shot after breaking into the home of an off duty police officer by throwing a concrete planter through the glass door at the back. But the way the article is written is disturbing.

One, that the racist group Black Lives Matters is a focus point and two, it appears that this is a Black on White crime…the white off duty officer whose family’s  lives were threatened with the break in of their home, and who had to shoot the intruder.  The race of the intruder is stated as “Bi-Racial.” You can easily gather from the article that he identifies as black.


Tyler Gebhard- Facebook photo

BLM thoughts of the intruder – threats

On the surface this is just another DRT story. Dead Right There. Intruder breaks in, homeowner is armed, homeowner shoots, intruder dies. This one goes a little deeper than that. Especially when the ugliness of BLM is intertwined within the thoughts of the intruder.

According to the news story, there were a number of exchanges on Facebook between the officer (the shooter), and Tyler Gebhard, (intruder).

There were threats made both to the officer and to his family. When Mr. Gebhard arrived at the officer’s house, he banged on the front door repeatedly. Getting no response, Mr. Gebhard went to the rear of the house and attempted to gain entrance via the rear door. When that failed, he picked up a concrete planter and threw it through the rear glass door.

He entered the house. At this time he was told to get down repeatedly by the off duty police officer. Meanwhile the officer’s family was barricaded in a bedroom. When Mr, Gebhard refused the order to get down he was shot. The article does not say how many shots were fired. They were effective. They removed the threat.

st louis

St Louis Police photo of damage to rear door

BlackLivesMatter – the premise

Let’s get a little background on this “Black Lives Matter.” They were formed in the wake of the Trayvon Martin Shooting in Fl in 2012. BTW, George Zimmerman was a Hispanic male. Not white, but that would go against the whole premise of the movement.

It starts right off with the statement of “Who We Are,” and goes on to say “When the ‘Murderer’ George Zimmerman was Acquitted.” That tells you all you need to know about the Black Lives Matters movement. They start off with the premise that if a black is killed the shooter is automatically guilty. Concerning non-black shooters of course. Especially whites. Black lives do not matter. They are living a lie.

The shooting in MN involved a Hispanic officer and a armed robbery suspect, who just happened to be black. BLM was all over that. White cop shoots innocent black man for no reason! Riots and protests ensue.

A demented, off base focus

If BLM was so concerned about the plight of the black man, why not focus on the neighborhoods and the gangs that are destroying the youths and any chance that they might have at the American dream? Nope. Instead they are leading the cause for more racial divide and crushing the very life out of their communities.

What about the reality – blacks have plenty of opportunities

Let’s look at some prominent Americans that just happen to be Black.

Chief David O. Brown. Chief of the Dallas, TX Police Dept. The very same police dept that just had five officers murdered in the name of BLM.

Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 1989-1993.

Guion Bluford. First Black Astronaut to travel in space 1983.

Mae Jemeson, first Black female astronaut. 1992

Frederick D. Gregory, The first Black Shuttle Commander. 1998.

Then we have Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

Blacks have become Lawyers, Senators, Judges, and Generals. They have served in all branches of our military. Their names are on gravestones throughout this country having served to protect this country’s freedoms. Their names are engraved in the black granite on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. They are indistinguishable from any other race. They are those that died in service for our country.

BLM is ignoring the truth

The point is this, does Racism exist today? Yes. It is an ugly reality. Is it like it was in the 50’s, 60’s, or the 70’s? No. This country has grown. We have healed. We have moved on. At least the majority of us have. Those that march with the BLM crowd continue the hatred for races. They continue the barriers that hold all people back.

Everybody in this country has the opportunity to achieve whatever they set their hearts upon. There are so many shining examples everywhere you look. Stop pouring gasoline of the fire of hatred. You are your own worst enemy. America is not standing in your way. You are.

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