Death of a Lion – The Stabbing of Ari Fuld

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Ari Fuld was described as a “lion” – an American-Israeli patriot and fierce defender of Israel. But on Sunday in Israel, Ari was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian jihadist, and died from his wounds. His death was a huge blow to his friends and others in Israel and beyond. He was a rock, a tough defender and martial arts instructor. He seemed invincible.

He will be laid to rest Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. at the Kfar Etzion cemetery.  He is survived by his wife Miriam and 4 children.

Screenshot: Ari Fuld and his family

We spoke to him in December of 2017 and posted one of his videos. The video has since been removed, but our article is still there.

The loss of a lion

“I am in shock, learning that the victim of today’s deadly stabbing attack was my friend Ari Fuld, Z’l. What a loss of a lion, soldier of Israel and a man who was always the first to support his fellow Jews around the world, be it practically or spiritually. Baruch Dayan Haemet.” Annika H. Rothstein, journalist

“… may his blood be avenged by Lions of Zion in the most punishing way!! Baruch dayan ha’emet….ברוך דיין האמת…..Blessed is the True Judge..” Journalist Adina Kutnicki

“Today, Jews & Israel lost a LION— Ari Fuld The pic of Ari in the grocery store is when I first found out about him. I was amazed how he went shopping with his big gun. He was a fighter for TRUTH & JUSTICE—not just in Israel, but in the USA, too. I’m proud to say that I was friends with this BRAVE BRAVE SOUL.[… ] I’m shocked beyond belief. I often told Ari that he needed to run for Prime Minister of Israel. We lost a great one today. I’m heartbroken. I’m devastated. Rest In Peace my beautiful wonderful friend. BDE.” S.W.

“With his last strength”

Ari was stabbed in the back several times by a Palestinian terrorist shortly before noon on Sunday. He was just outside of the shopping mall at Gush Etzion Junction. In spite of his wounds, Ari pursued the jihadist and shot him just before he collapsed. Ari was rushed to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, but medical personnel were unable to revive him.

The attacker was not only shot by Ari, but also by another armed citizen at the scene. He was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He is identified as Halil Yousef Ali Jabarin, aged 17, from the southern West Bank village of Yatta. The suspect was said to be in “moderate condition” according to the Times of Israel.

Ari’s brother Hillel described him as someone who lived as a hero and died as one.

Even his foes and those with whom he argued frequently expressed shock and sadness at his death. He was “larger then life” to many in the nation of Israel.

David Friedman, US Ambassador to Israel issued this statement:

Ari was a Sergeant in the IDF reserves’ elite paratrooper unit. He advocated for Israel and was a TV and Radio show host as well as an international speaker. He was a neighbor and friend to many, a husband and father. So many in Israel have suffered at the hands of stabbing attacks by Palestinian terrorists. This loss is different. It’s the loss of a Lion of Zion.

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