Dear NRA – This is How To Improve the Gun Debate

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Dear NRA & Members,

My name is Rick Ferran and I am a communism survivor who’s also an NRA member. We are failing to reach the populace, especially the young people, about the importance of the right to bear arms.

The main reason we continue to fail? The immense amount of mickey mouse marketing for hunting, target practice, gun bunnies, etc., that the NRA and gun organizations push. Our message gets diluted.
For people whose hobby isn’t hunting or owning guns, supporting the second amendment will never be part of their ideals or life. Would you go to a tattoo convention if you don’t want or need a tattoo, or even appreciate the art of tattoos? If you did,  would you be interested in getting one even though you don’t like them? I know tattoos and guns are two different choices, but my point is there.
We know the NRA and others do spend their time educating about history when societies give away their rights, but they don’t spend enough time at it. The NRA convention should have a complete room at the entrance filled with images and videos projecting the victims of tyrannical governments. They should have had real people who have survived them there to answer any questions and tell their stories! What a great message that would send.
It’s simple to explain. Democrats don’t use the constitution to support gay rights, they use the “Natural Rights” or “Human rights” ideal. So, instead of explaining the 2nd Amendment, we need to say: “Our right to bear arms is a human right, a natural right that we possess.” Even if the constitution didn’t exist, we would still have this right.
We are indeed blessed that our Founding Fathers defiantly created the document that put into words these rights to make all men equal. Even with firepower. Our right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting, or target practice, or who can shoot the best, or who can draw the fastest. It has nothing to do with pretty guns and expensive scopes, or sexy gun bunnies… but all to do with self defense against a tyrannical government.
Again asecond amendment support organization’s convention should showcase right at the entrance, a room filled with images and videos of the horrific side of tyrannical governments worldwide. It should showcase communism, fascism, and any ideology that has murdered millions of people after gun control.
Images of the Venezuelan people starving in the streets eating garbage, being shot by the government for protesting. Cuban people imprisoned for speaking against their government and being killed by firing squad. China, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Nicaragua, all of these countries have massacred millions of people. Only then you would understand why the second amendment is so important.

Think it can’t happen here? This photo is of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota

The second amendment has turned into a cliché, and this is why the American people, especially young people, can’t grasp the reality of how important it is. Let me be clear, I don’t want to create fear in order to support the right to bear arms, but I do want to educate the masses about why the right to bear arms is important. I am also not attacking the NRA or how they do things, but we can do things better. This educational reform would help our society understand much more clearly why we possess such a right and why we must defend it.
This last NRA convention in Dallas attracted over 85,000 members, and our liberal enemies have placed advertising banners all over our country calling the NRA a terrorist organization. What if the NRA or any similar organization placed advertising banners of images of NAZIS shooting disarmed jews and throwing their bodies into large pits? Or images of China killing Millions of their own after their gun control was enacted in 1935. The worldwide genocide of 56 million victims of gun confiscation is growing. Every knows that history repeats itself…and humanity, unfortunately, always fails to remember it.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

  • Steve Grager

    Amen brother.

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