Deadly Shooting in Tel Aviv-Video

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Deadly Shooting in Tel Aviv

A gunman opened fire in a crowded Israeli pub in downtown Tel Aviv, killing two and wounding at least 7, some outlets are reporting 10 victims. Some are in serious condition, one has minor injuries.

People attend to a victim of the Tel Aviv attack -photo via Times of Israel

Suspect fled

Israeli police have deployed in large numbers after the gunman fled the scene of his attack this morning. He managed to use a home-altered Carl Gustav gun to commit the attack, dropped it, and then fled the scene. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

The Carl Gustav gun left at thescene by the suspect – Israeli police photo

The suspect is said to be an Arab from Wadi Ara in Northern Israel. He was identified by his father, who called authorities as soon as his photo from surveillance video was released. Authorities are not releasing his name, but have assured the public that all is well because he’ s no longer armed. (Not sure they can actually say that…). The suspect is 29 years old and has spent time in an Israeli prison.

Surveillance photo of the suspect

 Terror Attack? It was for the victims

Officials said they weren’t ready to call this a “terror attack” yet because a relative said that the man was “not of sound mind” and had been treated for his ailment. A Qu’ran was found at the store where the suspect calmly looked at vegetables before his shooting rampage.

But relatives said they did not know if he had become a Muslim extremist. It looks like a terror attack, sounds like a terror attack, but like in the USA, authorities don’t want to say the words.


Police are in the process of going house to house searching for the suspect.
Haaretz reported,

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said that at this stage the municipality had “no special instructions” and asked the public to enable the security services to do their work. “We’re still at the beginning of the incident and I hope those responsible get caught,” he said.

The following video shows the gunman as he opens fire at the pub:

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