Deadly Diseases – Refugees May be Bringing More Than Islam

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Deadly Diseases – We have seen with the upsurge in the children from foreign countries coming to the United States, diseases that had been wiped out of the United States for years began to prosper.  Now comes a report that Syrian refugees could be harboring something we haven’t seen before: a flesh eating disease called leishmaniasis.

Lebanon and Turkey

According to Breitbart, the disease has been found in Syrian refugees in both Lebanon and Turkey, causing them to have difficulty managing and treating the outbreaks.  Why? Because the symptoms don’t readily appear- and carriers may not even be aware that they have the disease. They can go from weeks, months or years without showing symptoms. Which is another problem with incoming Syrian refugees.

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease caused by sand flies. It produces lesions on the skin. It has three forms: cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral leishmaniasis. Cutaneous is the most common form, but the others have been noted as well in areas that have received Syrian refugees.

The cutaneous form of Leishmaniasis

Lebanon showed an upswing in cases after 2012 when refugees began arriving there. Syria’s cases have mushroomed since the collapse of their medical system.

America’s Medical Screening

Breitbart reported,

Refugees who enter the U.S. must undergo medical screening according to protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.  Each refugee must submit to a physical examination, including  a skin test and possibly a chest x-ray to check for tuberculosis,as well as a blood test for syphilis.

The blood tests do not currently look for leishmaniasis. Clearly, an attending doctor could easily spot a patient with obvious skin ulcers. However, leishmaniasis cannot be detected upon physical examination if the patient is asymptomatic, as can be the case for years.

Dr. Heather Burke, an epidemiologist from the CDC’s Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Health Branch, explained to Breitbart News that there is generally a window of three to six months from the initial physical examination until a refugee departs for the U.S. 

Which is fine, as long as the symptoms appear within that window. If they do not, then we have a problem.

Europe is at risk, the U.S. is at risk…

 A medical journal  noted  that in Lebanon there were no cases of the disease until the arrival of refugees:

After  the arrival of refugees, 1,033 cases were confirmed by 2012, “96.6% (998) of which were among Syrian refugees.” Writing at AHC Media, a publication for healthcare professionals, Dr. Philip R. Fischer, Professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic, documented the spread to Turkey as well:

As Syrians leave their homeland, they sometimes carry their germs with them. There have been dramatic increases in the number of cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in southeastern Turkey. In Turkey, 69% of cutaneous leishmaniasis patients are Syrians living in tent cities.

There are no drugs or vaccines to prevent Leishmaniasis. The treatment has various methods, not all of them effective. Thanks, Obama, for putting our population at risk AGAIN.

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