De Blasio Vows To Defy Trump

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In their futile attempts to defy President Elect Donald Trump’s plan of action toward illegal immigration, Democratic leaders across the nation have dedicated their campaign to support the complete opposite. One of them being New York’s very own Bill de Blasio, who is already of questionable leadership as it stands.

Rather than committing to a faction dedicated to protecting America’s citizens and its economy, Mayor de Blasio vowed resistance to Trump’s agenda by stating he would stand to protect Muslims and illegal immigrants from federal interference in the coming future.

In an address made back in November, de Blasio spoke in straight lined rebellion stating that the city would stand up for illegal immigrants.

“We will protect you. This is your home. And we will fight anything we see as undermining our values. And here is my promise to you as your mayor – we will use all the tools at our disposal to stand up for our people.”

De Blasio also promised to provide legal aid to immigrants who face possible deportation.

In an article by JP’s Joyce Chu, New York currently holds 500,000 immigrants and spends approximately 10 million on immigration aid and deportation defense.

De Blasio also promised to stand for Muslims should there be a national call for registry, as well as showing a pretentious concern for constitutional rights, stating that the harsh stop and frisk policy would not return to New York.

“The president-elect talked during the campaign about the movement that he had built,” said de Blasio, “Now, it’s our turn to build a movement — a movement of the majority that believes in respect and dignity for all.”

Chairman of the state Republican party, Edward F. Fox, called out the charade of fear tactics used by both Democratic Governor Cuomo and de Blasio;

“These two scorpions in a bottle are each trying to outdo one another with slanderous fear-mongering hyperbole.”

De Blasio’s governance is already controversial, taking into account his failing policies for the homeless and the refusal to taking responsibility for it. Or how about the absurdity of disposing $8,300 worth of perfectly good food because it was too close to the sidewalk? Which of course he seemed to be on the “people’s” side of complaint and in direct opposition of NYPD stating the food should have been donated rather than thrown away.

In each case, de Blasio consistently shows that he fails to boldly uphold his own policies, can’t be trusted to stand behind the laws already in place, and yet dares to pose in opposition to a political administration with America’s best interest at heart. At this point we have to wonder how much more will the frailty of de Blasio’s leadership cost the people of New York?




Feature photo: By The office of Public Advocate for the City of New York  -Wikimedia Commons

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