De Blasio Has Parks in Hasidic Neighborhood Welded Shut

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Hasidic Jews in New York have been attacked on a regular basis for several years. But the last straw came when “Clown Mayor” de Blasio ordered the gates to the Middleton Playground in the Hasidic neighborhood in Williamsburg welded shut so that children could not play there. Even though Governor Cuomo said that playgrounds could be open a few days before. Even though it was done less than 24 hours after a Black Lives Matter protest squished about 12,000 people together in the Brooklyn Museum Plaza.

“I’m not saying he’s an anti-Semite. He’s a friend. He’s not an anti-Semite. We considered him somebody who knew the culture, and who understands the community. I have no idea what’s going on now, and not only us—a lot of people are saying the same.” Rabbi Indig

The Hasidic neighborhood problem with de Blasio

The city claimed the measure was “temporary” because locks kept being broken. They stated that on Monday the welds would be replaced with regular locks. All of that is irrelevant. The fact that these playgrounds were not allowed to be used when the rest of the state is open for playgrounds, and other groups are allowed to congregate in huge numbers speaks of bigotry. The Mayor even cancelled overnight camps. Is that a bigoted move against the Hasidic neighborhood?

The Hasidic community still remembers the April 28 incident where de Blasio forced Jewish people away from a funeral and then tweeted a warning to them.

Tablet Magazine reported,

In the summer of 2020, people can disagree in good faith as to whether this park, or any city park, was in fact “closed.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo had announced on June 11 that local governments could begin opening playgrounds and other recreation facilities at their discretion. The children and adults assembled at Middleton thought, mistakenly, that while other children in more gentile-adjacent neighborhoods frolicked on swing sets and jungle gyms (all New York City playgrounds were closed), Black Lives Matter protesters amassed in their thousands, and yuppies sunned themselves in Domino Park, Jewish children in Williamsburg—of whom there are thousands—were faced with locked fences across the street from their overcrowded apartments.

A Hero arises with a Bolt Cutter

Heshy Tischler, who is a radio show host, businessman, and former city council candidate, came to the rescue…with bolt cutters.

Again from Tablet Magazine:

Heshy claimed to have personally used a bolt cutter to open 11 playgrounds across the Jewish sections of Williamsburg, Borough Park, and Crown Heights. He is now a local icon of civil disobedience, with these bolt-cuttings popping up on the cover of the Daily News and on Ted Cruz’s Twitter feed and provoking a response from New York City’s dangerously incoherent excuse for a mayor. “We are not going to allow people to take the law into their own hands,” de Blasio said of Heshy’s campaign at a Tuesday press conference, a toothless threat that only underlined how simultaneously pointless and pernicious the mayor’s leadership has gotten.

Note: Heshy Tischler didn’t “take the law into his own hands.” He simply freed little kids to play again after the Governor had already loosened the restrictions on June 11. In the name of the Coronavirus a discriminatory decree was instituted.

The article closed with this admonition:

“…For one afternoon, and with the help of this singular individual, the Satmars became the vanguard of defiance against New York’s increasingly absurd lockdown regime, in which protests are permitted but playgrounds are locked, day camps are allowed but sleep-away camps are canceled, and widespread restrictions on what people can do and how they can go about earning a living endure alongside a creeping sense of low-grade anarchy and social drift.” Armen Rosen at The Tablet Magazine

Featured photo: screenshot of Heshy Tischler via Caleb Hull


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