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There are journeys of the soul that lead to death. There are journeys that lead to life. Dave Bray USA’s journey is the latter. This patriotic, music makin’ Navy/Marine Corps veteran has come a long way from patching up wounded Marines or protecting a US Embassy in North Africa. We have written about him before, but he has a special album he wants to share with you all. Music On A Mission is part audio book, part music CD. It will touch your heart, your love of country, and perhaps stir your faith and be an inspiration to your life.

“I think this country is yearning for a different approach.” Dave Bray USA

If that’s true, he nailed it. The album has come in at #6 on the iTunes Rock Charts. The inspirational melding of music and the patriotic power in Dave’s words is a hit.

It gives the inspiration some for his most famous songs…and tissue is a definite requirement. The following songs are in the album:

“Last Call,” about a police officer who was killed in the line of duty, tugs hard at the heart strings.

“Freedom Rings” – the Blood of Heroes: the funeral of a Border Patrol Agent killed in the line of duty, a video that transcends one incident to make a statement for all of our fallen.

Dave Bray USA pays tribute to firefighters who lost their live in 911, police, and our military warriors…as well as reminding people that America without God is not America at all. His passion for God and Country touches even the most hardened heart.

David Bray USA has a journey, a journey toward life. Buy his album, listen with your heart, and join him on that journey for God and Country. You can get the album at Amazon or iTunes or directly from Dave Bray USA.

GODLESS by David Bray 

I have not always been
A man of great faith

The hand of The Lord
I’ve not always embraced

I’ve come and I’ve gone
From His ever open arms

Like a child giving hugs
Just to get what he wants

I’ve trampled His wishes
Turned away from His word

Cursed Him and His flock
And separated His herd

I have verbally, openly
Damned His Father by name

And There is nothing of His
I haven’t taken in vain

I have sinned, not just sinned,
But amplifications of such

And Thought I’d sin on forever
And use Christ as a crutch

Until one day… today
I knew something had changed

His unnoticed presence
Now felt out of range

It was Out of touch, out of feel
Out of sense, out of sight

And in crept a darkness
Devoid of His light

His mercy and grace
Were finally replaced

With emptiness, Anger,
Resentment and hate

But a glow deep inside me
From the ashes of sin

Soon burst to a flame
That had kindled within

That flame turned to fire
As that fire turned to rage

And that temple of His
Took those flames to the cage

A cage I had built
But not known was there

Began to ascend
With the smoke through the air

I sat and I watched
As I looked struck in awe

Until the fire, smoke and ash
Had settled and calmed

All of a sudden
It had over me…swept

His presence of grace
And the promise He kept

By a Son and The Father
And The Trinity’s gleam

No matter how faithless
And Godless you seem

He stands by you true
Outside of your cage

With all of God’s love
His forgiveness and faith

So build up your walls
With your hate and your sin

You will never in His eyes
Be Godless to him

©Dave Bray USA

Featured photo via Dave Bray USA.

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