Daily Brief: Michelle O portrait sparks mockery; Lib media sides with Norks; Retreats to escape white people

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Happy Monday, everyone.  The week promises to be interesting, to say the least, so we’ll just jump right in with both feet.

Michelle O portraitMichelle Obama’s ‘creepy’ official portrait gets shredded on Twitter — That’s right, official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama were unveiled today, and got roasted on Twitter — with good reason…  One site called her portrait “creepy,” and others, well, you just have to see it to believe it…  More, with video, here, plus a question.

Liberal U.S. media sides with North Korea, become propagandists for Communist regime over Olympics — It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that our fake news media hates Donald Trump so much that they would actually side with a brutal Communist regime.  This time, the regime in question is North Korea, and yeah, the media has adopted the sister of Kim Jong Un as their new heroine while pushing propaganda favorable to the regime.  More here.

retreatVideo: Vice documentary features ‘healing retreats’ for women of color who need ‘a break from white people’ — You read that right — there are actually retreats for “women of color” to escape white people.  At least one even bans whites from the premises and one person in the video said that white Americans shouldn’t have passports.  Yeah, this is what the modern left really means when it talks about “tolerance” and “diversity.”  More here, with video.

Do Dems really have upper hand going into mid-term elections? — Democrats are sure cocky these days, and they’re counting on the 2018 elections, hoping that enough voters will be fooled into giving them power again.  But do they really have the upper hand?  Dave Workman breaks it all down here, which includes news that Vanessa Trump was hospitalized after being exposed to a suspicious white powder, prompting hate from all the usual suspects.

Pro-Trump Facebook group ‘Deplorables’ sold to Macedonians for $15K — And finally, we broke news early this morning that a very large pro-Trump group of more than 475,000 followers was sold to Macedonian content farms — read, fake news farms like those we saw in 2016 — for a paltry $15,000.  We spoke to the group owner who admitted the sale, comparing it to the Brooklyn Bridge.  This is the kind of thing that ultimately hurts sites like ours…

And to wrap things up, don’t forget to check out our Cartoon of the Day, courtesy of A.F. Branco and our Video of the Day, here.

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