CSPAN Interview, One Caller’s Threats of Bloodshed Against Trump Supporters?

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A CSPAN interview with Trump Adviser Boris Epshteyn took a violent turn when a caller said that people in Milwaukee had weapons and were waiting for the troops to come in. (Fox)

“This morning a Trump supporter was killed, was shot and killed in a drive-by in Milwaukee. I don’t know if you got that news, but the people in Milwaukee are waiting for those troops to come in because they got weapons, and it’s going to be a lot of bloodshed when they come, so that’s all I got to say.” John, who claimed to be a Democrat

The statement could be interpreted in a counple of ways: 1) as Boris Epshteyn thought a threat against Trump Supporters, or 2) that the caller was concerned about what could happen. The CSPAN Host wanted to move past the caller and not draw attention to it…but attention MUST be drawn to such comments.

CSPAN host Jesse Holland wanted to immediately move onto something else other than the caller’s statement, but Epshteyn pushed back:

“Now you’ve got people on your air threatening our lives? Is that what it is, Jesse?…I don’t think we should keep going, we just had a caller call in that said shooting Trump supporters is right. Anybody who is a Democrat or independent should listen to what that gentlemen just said and realize where the Democrats are in this country. They’re threatening our lives. It is disgusting, it’s despicable and it’s criminal.” Boris Epshteyn

Jesse Holland didn’t respond and moved on to the next caller.

The caller may have been referring to the drive-by shooting of Bernell Trammell, 60, a vocal Trump supporter and well-liked local Black man who was shot dead on Thursday as he sat in front of his business in Milwaukee. A car pulled up, shot him, and sped away. He reportedly engaged people respectfully as they saw his signs for Trump. He owned Express Journal Publications, and was often seen with his “Vote Donald Trump” sign and talking with people. He was both a Trump supporter and a Black Lives Matter supporter.

cspan interview

Bernell Trammel screenshot via article by Laura Mize at disrn.

As it draws closer to the election, buckle up for more violence.

Featured photo: screenshot via CSPAN L-Jesse Holland, R-Boris Epshteyn


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