Creepy Joe Biden – Eyes Young Girls, Wants to Make Abortion Federal Law, Racist Comments?

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Creepy Joe Biden promises to make abortion the “law of the land” if Amy Coney Barrett’s presence on the Supreme Court manages to reverse Roe v Wade. He also was hammered for saying that he was able to stay in quarantine because a “Black woman was stocking grocery shelves.” His remarks to young girls about wanting to “see them dance in about 4 years” didn’t go over well. Biden has issues.

Joe’s penchant for young girls and women?

He honestly thinks it’s ok to say such things.  At least he didn’t get close enough to smell their hair. We hope. Biden has been under fire for his questionable remarks for years.

Racist Remarks?  

A full video of this Biden debacle is available on YouTube. His seemingly racist remark is at 1.19.20. He qualified the remark at 1.19.45, but not before it went viral.

Somehow I don’t think Trump would have been given a pass for a remark like that, even though Biden did make it better later. President Trump has made lots of comments that the news media hopped on before listening to the context…so turnabout is fair play.

Oh…and by the way, Biden once claimed that George Wallace gave him an award. George Wallace was widely known as a racist. Never mind whether it was true, it just shows that Joe was off his rocker even back a few years.

Keep in mind that the context of that remark is missing- later in the video he stated that the Black woman who stocked grocery shelves helped us in the pandemic and he’s right about that. Although her race and gender were irrelevant to the statement.

He has made many such statements that sound racist, and most of them he has not corrected.

Making abortion the law of the land 

The Daily Wire reported that Creepy Joe Biden was once a rare “pro-life” Democrat. Not in today’s leftist culture. He’s now solidly in the pro-abortion camp.

“As the Daily Wire has noted previously, Biden, who was once a rare “pro-life Democrat” has increasingly embraced a progressive view on abortion and, in a recent statement applauding the Supreme Court for striking down a Louisiana law requiring that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a local hospital, Biden noted that he endorses the practice of abortion “under any circumstance,” suggesting that he now supports even late-term abortion.”

So… Joe, does making something a law override the Supreme Court? No. The Supreme Court has overturned many laws over the decades.

The left always obscures the murder of babies as “reproductive rights” or “birth control.” They are not “tissue.” They are not “rights.” They are living human beings with hearts and the hope for a future. Abortion destroys that future.

Creepy Joe Biden not only ogles girls and women, or makes remarks that sound like the latest version of Jim Crowe laws, he supports murder on a massive scale. The United States has shed the blood of millions for selfish reasons. That has not gone unnoticed.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Biden via PBS/Twitter


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