Creepy Joe Biden 2020?

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It’s New Years Eve at 5:33pm EST, I just pried the top of a Lagunitas IPA (free plug) off with my teeth because the d*** bottle opener was all the way in the kitchen.  I’m happily scrolling through Facebook when “SMACK” I see something so disgustingly sickening to me that I cannot ignore it.  So here I am, telling you all my thoughts on the subject.  What is it I saw?

“TRENDING: Joe Biden would win OVERWHELMINGLY against Trump in 2020… – Yahoo

I could not believe my eyes, although, I suppose I should not be so shocked.  These are Democrats we are talking about after all. These same people just about handed Hillary Clinton the presidency before the American people spoke up in a “YUGE” way on election day. You would have thought they’d have learned their lesson but that is just not in the “Liberal play book”, just like honesty, integrity and common sense.

So Joe Biden. The left has chosen Joe Biden to parade around as a potential front runner to not only beat but “win OVERWHELMINGLY” against President Trump.  After all the virtue signaling, all the smear campaigns on their political opponents, after taking a “stand” on women’s rights issues, after taking the “moral high ground” on sexual assault, the left is setting Joe Biden up as one of its front runners.  This is the same Joe Biden who has been caught on camera NUMEROUS times groping woman and children, whispering in their ears and kissing them when they don’t want it. Joe Biden IS a predator. Just take a look at this video compilation of him being inappropriate with children, OBVIOUSLY making every one uncomfortable. I warn you, this video is painful to watch.


Joe Biden is a predator.  There is a lot more evidence of this out there all you have to do is look.  The fact that he can act like this in plain sight makes it even more disturbing.  The political elite seem to know about Creepy Joe’s predilection.  Here is Jeff Sessions actually swatting his hand away from touching his grand-daughter.


Alas, the left parades this predator around as their potential presidential candidate whilst at the same time being “champions” of women’s rights, and having zero tolerance against sexual assault. What ironic contradiction. Where is the outrage? Where are the activists? It disgusts me to think that the left is so delusional that they believe this man has chance against us. But they will just spread their propaganda all the way up until election day where we, again, have to show them we are woke, we are paying attention and will not be brainwashed.

This article from Yahoo was a slap in the face to my intelligence.  Former DNC chair Ed Rendell, Newsweek writer Jason Silverstein, who wrote the article, and the company of Yahoo all condone Joe Biden’s behavior, do you?

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