CREDO Mobile: the wireless company that helps fund the liberal agenda

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CREDO Mobile is one of thousands of wireless companies that exist in this nation.  Unlike companies like AT&T or Verizon, CREDO Mobile did not earn its fame for great products or services, but for supporting the destructive liberal agenda that continues to infest America.

The wolves of the wireless world.

Unless you are from California, you probably have never heard of CREDO Mobile.  It is this anonymity that has helped CREDO Mobile further the liberal manifesto over the last 30 years.  In today’s world though secrets don’t stay hidden forever, and it is now time to shine the spotlight of truth onto the wolves of the wireless world.

So now it is time to answer the question who is CREDO Mobile?  In what could be the biggest oddity in the corporate world, CREDO Mobile is a for-profit social change company whose products are secondary to their activism.

CREDO Mobile started out in 1985 as a credit card company called Working Assets based in San Francisco (the sanctuary city that protected Francisco Sanchez,  the illegal alien who is accused of killing Kathrine Steinle).

As time marched on, the company introduced a long distance service plan for landline phones and eventually wireless service.  In 2007, they rebranded themselves as CREDO Mobile, a subsidiary of Working Assets.  Despite all of these changes, their core mission of liberal activism has remained the same since the company first opened its doors.  CREDO Mobile CEO  Laura Scher recently stated in FastCompany Magazine that

“We started CREDO as an expression of the issues we care about and built the company around the vision that a business can be a force for social change…Over the years we’ve received hate mail, death threats and bomb threats for our support of pro-choice organizations. We’ve even evacuated our office. But we continue to support choice groups.”


credo mobile

Follow the money.

The “choice groups” that CREDO Mobile supports is a who’s who of liberal organizations who appear to have made it their mission to destroy the fabric of the United States.  These groups include

While the list is obviously a lot longer than the five organizations that CREDO Mobile supports, it paints a picture as to the type of company that CREDO Mobile is.  However CREDO Mobile is not your typical leftist activist site.  They don’t hire expensive lobbyists to hound DC politicians.

CREDO Mobile states on their website that they look for issues where they can make a difference (translation: where they can steamroll over weak opponents) and then they mobilize CREDO Action: the Gestapo arm of their company to strong arm politicians into caving to their whims.

The difference is that CREDO Action is staffed by ordinary individuals (mostly their customers) to further their agenda.  CREDO Mobile’s most successful campaign to date has been to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline (for all of you who had their hopes of a good paying job dashed, thank CREDO Mobile).  Currently, CREDO Mobile’s SS group is focused on these major issues:

Never met a liberal cause that they didn’t like.

CREDO Mobile is an organization that is against everything upon which this nation was founded. Unlike most of these activist groups, CREDO Mobile operates as a for-profit company which gives them an upper hand in areas like funding.  However this also makes CREDO Mobile easy to stop.

The answer is to not buy their products.  If they lose sales, they lose profit.  If they lose profit, they can’t fund the liberal agenda as easily.  While this may sound like I am promoting an attack on business, you have to remember that CREDO Mobile is a liberal activist group disguised as a business.  Boycotting CREDO Mobile and companies like it will benefit everyone in the long run and help weaken a dangerous liberal agenda.

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