Crane Collapse in Mecca at Grand Mosque

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At least 107 people died in a crane collapse on September 11 at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 238 people were injured in the collapse.

The Grand Mosque in Mecca- photo via Mohammad Baharet on flickr

Strong Winds, Heavy rain

The incident came just prior to the annual Hajj from Sept 21- 26 – the pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims from all over the world to the site. According to witnesses, a crane fell through the outer ring of the Mosque and punctured the roof, sending debris and cement down on worshipers who were walking around in the building. Officials think the incident occurred because of a major rainstorm and strong winds that came through the area.

The Mosque

The Mosque is currently undergoing an expansion, and is surrounded by 15 large cranes.

The Saudi Arabian government is investigating the accident. Officials stated that there were about 800,000 people in the mosque at the time of the collapse.

In the center of the Mosque is Islam’s most sacred site – the Kaaba.   All Muslims physically and financially capable  are required to carry out the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime. The period of Hajj in Mecca is one of the largest gatherings of people in the world.

The irony? The expansion of the Mosque is being conducted by the Saudi Binladen Group, and the disaster struck on 9-11. Think about it.


 grand mosque

The inside of the Grand Mosque after the crane collapse- photo via Twitter


Photo of injured person via Twitter

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