Crackdown on Looters: White Supremacy?

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Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder, and unfortunately it appears to be spreading. There was the loonbird who claimed that cotton was racist. And the crackpot woman who screamed at a US Veteran because she said his dog was “nasty.” And now we have Sarah Jaffe, an “independent journalist” and author, tweeting that cracking down on looting in Florida is “inseparable from white supremacy.”

She tweeted that statement after the Miami-Dade Police posted a photo of some of the many looters arrested after Hurricane Irma. (We reported that situation). They put this on their post:

“Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors.”

Does she have any idea how many Hispanics/Black/Asians are on the Miami Dade police force? Apparently not. So…does she believe that no one should ever be held accountable for stealing? It sounds that way. Wonder if her viewpoint would change if someone stole something from her?

By the way, you should know that her use of words like “carceral state” has a definition worthy of a major leftist. She is NOT fond of capitalism or the United States for that matter.

“A carceral state is a state modeled on the idea of a prison. It employs physical boundaries in order to gain control of urban space. In the carceral state, public space is transformed into defendable space, with the installation of walls, gates, fences, surveillance cameras and security checkpoints.”

You guessed it, she’s not a fan of private property owners. Maybe she’s all about the old socialist’s cry of everybody being equal in their ownership of society. Except none of that works and never has. And yes, I will defend my private property, thank you very much.

Jaffe is an “independent journalist” who covers economics, labor, and social issues. She is also a “fellow” at the Nation Institute, another one of those left wing “think tanks.”

Some of the responses to her tweet were pretty awesome:

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  • J

    Just go away

  • Paul

    The frightening part is, she believes her own BS.

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